Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An insipid field of candidates for President of the United States in 2012

I am not inspired at all by the presidental candidates in this 2012 election year.  What an insipid field of candidates from which to choose.

 And, unfortunately I have to add Obama to this list.  I am greately disappointed in his presidency.  In 2008 I had high hopes that there would really be change in this country and that he was the one to lead that change.  However, from what I can see, Obama has really just maintained the status quo.  Under his leadership, the middle class, through their taxes, has bailed out the banks and Wall Street just like we did the savings and loan debacle under Ronald Reagan.  There has been no change.  Our country is still making the same mistakes and responding in the same manner as over the years.  We are not changing and I have to blame the Obama administration.  They promised us change and then brought no change to the table.

 Obama's misguided health insurance plan is a mess and caught up in our court system.  It is slowly being dismantled by the powers that be.  By the time the supreme court hears the case, there will no longer be a health program left in this country.  And, we desperately need one.  Heath costs are astronomical as it is.  ALL citizens of the United States deserve a governmental health program of some sort.  ALL citizens need and should be covered.  No one in this country should be without health insurance.

But, enought on Obama.  The Republican candidates are a disaster, in my opinion.  Mitt Romney is a product of the elite bubble he lives in.  He cannot relate to his fellow man because he has never lived like we do.  His wife, Ann, drives "a couple of Cadillacs."  Oh, my, what a coddled life they live.  Yes, I admire him for all the success he has had in business.  I understand he was a good governor of Massachusetts.  And he was able to set up a heath plan for everyone in Massachusetts.  But as far as the poor are concerned, he is certainly not an advocate for them.  In fact, he seems to resent that they exist.  I fear he would do nothing to improve their plight if he is elected.  I believe electing him would usher in an administration of elites, by the elites, and for the elites and the rest of us - oh well!

Newt Gingrich is nothing but a spoiled brat.  He was one as a child and has grown into and adult spoiled brat.  When he doesn't get his way, he takes his marbles and runs home.  His personal love life is deplorable and what he has done and how he has treated his ex-wives is abominable.  I don't want someone like him in the White House.  He left Congress in disgrace.  We have already gone through a Watergate scandal and resignation of  a President.  We don't need more lawbreakers as presidents.

And Gingrich's wife Calista is not someone I want as a first lady anyway.  What kind of a lady is she to have an affair with him during his time in Congress and when he as already married yet?  With her perfect "helmet hair" she does not relate to my wind blown curls at all.    We don't need a "Barbie doll" first lady.

Rick Santorum is someone who is off my radar as a candidate.  I don't hold his conservative evangalistic views and I think someone this far to the right is not right for our country.  His views are too extreme and he is not someone that is good for the world leadership we need for this country.  He is entitled to his views and opinons, but we need a president to lead all Americans, not just a select few and a special interest group in this country at that.

Ron Paul - I don't even know what to say about him.  Yes, he has common sense and very practical ideas.  But, I'm not sure that is enough to be President of the U.S. - the leader of the free world in this day and age.  In many ways, he sees our country and its problems with blinders on, and there has been enough of that over the years.   We need someone who sees the big picture and I'm not sure he does. 

Who do we need?  We need someone of Colin Powell's stature, experience, education, and know-how in the White House.  I know he will not run for President of the United States and I don't blame him.  But, here is a man who is a real leader and can get things accomplished.  We need someone like him to step up to the plate and save this country from the mediocre candidates that we presently have.  Who that is I don't know. 

My father's generation was labeled the "Greatest Generation" by Tom Browkaw in his book.  He gave them that label for a reason.  They were enlightned,  intelligent men, who knew how to lead, who knew what was best for us and our country.  They were reasonable men who knew how to negotiate and compromise when necessary for the good of all.  Their vision for our country was broad and encompassed everyone and their needs, not just a small interest group or a small religious group.  They cared about everyone and the entire country. 

My generation of the '60"s has blown it.  We are selfish, self-absorbed candidates who have limited vision for the country.  We fight and bicker in Congress because we can't get our own way, instead of doing what is good for the many.  My generation's legacy is a dysfunctional government.  I am appalled and embarrassed that this is what we have accomplished.  And the candidates for this 2012 presidential election are selfish and self-absorbed candidates only concerned about their small internal group of supporters, not the country as a whole. 

Because of this, I don't see any good government coming our way.  I see more dysfunction in our future.  When a well-respected, hard-working senator as Olympia Snowe does not run again, because she cannot deal with our bickering, dysfunctional congress, then we are all the losers.  We are NOT winning, Charlie Sheen!