Monday, September 30, 2013

Alpine Village - haiku


Sweet Alpine village

Nestled within the sharp Alps

Cool waters; plush grass

Copyright  (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker    all rights reserved

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Morning - haiku


Light shimmers through trees

Sun's warmth touches my face

Today's troubles gone

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Rock Fortress - a poem

California coastline

The waves of time hit the rocky shore

Pounding the rock walls that sturdily stand

Fortress to the flowering shore

Protecting all behind its stalwart rock walls

Each wave brings life upon the sandy beach

The deep, dark shadows of life, however, invade each crevice

Of the rocks, creeping to get in; trying to find an opening

To slip slyly by without notice

But, the rocks hold firm; nothing gets through

A wall of rock protects all life behind it

As your heart stands firm as a rock fortress

Surrounding my blossoming heart.

Copyright (c)  2013   Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

California Coastline - haiku


Big Sur, rocky shore

Huge misty coastline beauty

Touches my sad soul

Copyright (c)  2013   Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Palm Tree - a poem

Single palm tree

Standing vigil on the beach

Gentle winds rustle through your long leaves

Marking time along the beach

Your shadows dancing on the sand

What do they reveal to me?

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dance, Ballerina. Dance - senryu


Exquisite straight lines

Muscles taut; positions held

Body beautiful


Hours of practice

Sweat and pain worth the time

A graceful vision


Toes perfect on pointe

Arch extended; muscles strong

Lightly carry dance

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Monday, September 16, 2013

Luncheon - a senryu

Luncheon of the Boating Party, painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Phillips Memorial Gallery, Washington, DC

Busy filled terrace

Glasses clinking, dining done

I only have eyes for you

Copyright (c)  2013   Suzannah Wolf Walker     all rights reserved

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Different Paths We Choose!

All photos of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in northeast Ohio


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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hummingbird - a poem

On our way

This beautiful day

Hope in heart

Key to turn round

To find the love

That abounds

Locked away

Inside of me

Turn the key

Release the love

Fluttering upon you

As hummingbird abounds

Drinking in your nectar

A little at a time

Oh, the pleasure

Happiness around.

Copyright  (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Beauty that is America - a poem

Kern Valley River, California
Painted by Albert Bierstadt

Languid days by the riverside

Calm and peaceful flows the river

The beauty of the far off mountains seen

As the sun begins breaking through the clouds

Lighting up the river to crystal clear waters

Reflecting the purple Majesties

Here I sit, mesmerized by the beauty of it all

Glorious nature envelops me all around

The majesty of this valley raises my eyes and soul

Towards heaven - but - No, heaven is right here on earth

As I watch the river silently pass by

My heart and soul are at peace.

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker  all rights reserved

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Kiss - a poem

The Kiss, painted by Gustave Klimt   1907
Osterreichische Galerie, Austria
(close up of  The Kiss)

Oh!  What delight

as you caress my face;

a kiss so sweet and yet

so passionate made in the moonlight.

My body quivers and then melts into yours

as we become one;

desire wells up in my breast

as I clutch your body

and feel the softness and tenderness of your desire;

all from just one kiss.

The Kiss by Gustave Klimt 1907
Osterreichische Galerie, Austria

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013 - TwelfthYear Anniversary

Today we pause to remember all those who died on September 11, 2001, a day that will live in infamy here in the U.S.  We must never forget those that gave their lives for their country that day.  They are the true heroes of our nation.  They were simply just going about their day when we all were attacked by terrorists.  They took the brunt of the attack.  

We remember those that heroically said "Let's roll," and valiantly tried to wrench control of Flight 99 from the terrorists as it barreled towards a target in DC.  We remember how crashing the plane and killing all on board was more important than allowing the plane to hit a DC target.  They are the true soldiers who gave their lives for their country.

And we remember all the husbands, wives. children, and their relatives that lost their loved ones that day.  May they continue on in life knowing how much they were loved by their heroes.  

May our country rid the world of the cowardly, evil terrorists and their leaders who have no regard for human life.  May we someday find the peace that eludes us today.  

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The wisdom of Tina Fey

Tina Fey

"You can't be that kid standing at the top of the
water slide. overthinking it.  You have to go down
the chute."  Tina Fey

Tina Fey is my favorite comedian, male or female.  She is hilarious.  If  you have seen her TV show "30 Rock", then you will understand when I describe her as 'hilarious and hysterical'
in her comedy.  Her timing is impeccable, her sutleness soulful, and her dry humor the driest.

Her autobiography, Bossypants, is both hilarious and so real.  I can relate to many of her experiences growing up, not quite the most popular girl around, but well- liked and noted for her sublime intelligence and intuitiveness.  If you haven't read this, do so.  You will laugh your way through her life experiences.

The above quote is one of her witty wisdom's from her autobiography.  And, yes, I can relate to this all too well.  I have been in this situation both literally and figuratively.  Sometimes in life instead of thinking too much about a situation it is better to just plunge right in there.  I know, I know, 'look before you leap,' but sometimes too much looking or thinking can keep you from experiencing the best part of life.  

I was always the 'careful ' daughter and sister.  I thought things out and sometimes it delayed my decision making process.  This can be deadly when 'spontaneous' is what is needed at the moment.  

I remember, a particular situation well from my childhood, where this quote literally happened to me.  When my sister and I were kids, we lived in NJ and in the hot, hot, Jersey summers we joined a swimming lake, Holiday Lake, near our home along with our next door neighbors. 

Two or three times a week, we went to Holiday Lake for the day, packing a picnic lunch and laying on the beach and swimming in the lake.  My sister and I and our friends spent most of the morning in the water, only coming out to eat our sandwiches and orange drink that Mom brought along.  

After lunch, we decided to try the new 'big' slide that had just been put in and opened for the first time that afternoon.  Anxiously, I climbed the ladder to the top.  I was a bit afraid of heights, and this slide was huge by sliding board standards.  I would have to go down the slide and plunge into the cool lake water.  What could be more fun and exciting?

I was first to approach the slide.  As I climbed the ladder, I kept looking straight ahead; I didn't want to look down or behind me and see how far up in the air I really was.  I didn't want to discover how far down the lake was from me.  I cautiously made it to the top and sat down at the top of the slide.  

I gulped.  Holy, Mary, St. Joseph and Jesus!  It was a long, long way down that slide into the lake. It was much farther than I had anticipated.  My head swam and was dizzy.  I kept swallowing and trying to muster up my courage.  My sister, four years younger than me, was right behind me urging me on.

I froze.  I became paralyzed.  This was much higher than I had realized and such a long, long slide down.  I knew I would slide into water deep and way over my head.  I did know how to swim well, it was just that my stomach was doing butterflies and the thought of how long I would be on the slide the way down, was excruciating to me.  

I couldn't move.  I snapped and unsnapped my bathing cap at least thirty or forty times nervously.  My sister and friends behind her were getting restless and wanted to go down the slide.  They all yelled at me to hurry up and go down.  

I still couldn't move.  I was terrified!  My sister was really getting impatient and saying to me to get going so they all could experience this fun slide.  I wiggled around to get my seating just right.  I unsnapped and snapped my bathing cap strap again. 

 My sister wanted to know what my problem was, but my mouth was so dry from fright, I couldn't answer her.  Shouts from the ladder were getting louder and louder.   Just as I was contemplating how I was going to overcome my fright and get down that slide, I yelped, "Owwww!" from a tremendous pain I felt on my right butt cheek.  I gave a small leap in the air, and down I went on the slide lickety-split, my stomach turning flip-flops and plunged into the cold lake water. 

My sister came off the slide right behind me, practically on top of me in the water.  I flayed around for a few seconds and then came to my senses and swam to shore.  I limped back to the blanket and the moms.  My right butt cheek was in intense pain.  

Mom checked my butt cheek - yes, there were two huge bite marks, teeth marks,  on my right butt cheek. Within a few minutes, it was beginning to bruise.  My sister had definitely 'bit me in the butt,' to get me moving and down the water slide.

Mom hauled my sister out of the water and she had to sit on the blanket for the rest of the afternoon, not permitted in the water or on the slide again that day.  

Well, that bite on my butt had definitely gotten my down the slide and my fear was overcome. The rest of the afternoon I was able to slide down the water slide without any fear.  But, it had taken that 'bite on the butt' from my sister to get me going. 

Of course, I limped around and it was painful to sit for the next two or three days, but I survived.

Moral of the story:  If you overthink a situation and/or delay a decision because of fear, life will 'bite you in the butt.'    To overcome fear, it is better to 'just do it' and slide down that slide to overcome any fear you may have at the moment.  

Sometimes there are situations in life where it is good to be impulsive and spontaneous as was that situation for me on the water slide at the lake that day.  While we have to choose carefully and make right decisions, there are times when a little spontaneity is needed to experience the fun in life.

Sometimes, you just have to take that plunge, as Tina Fey has done in her comedic career with creating, designing, producing, and acting in her TV show, "30 Rock."  She has done it all and we can, too, if we have the courage to just 'go down that chute.'

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Syria - we are all one humanity

all photos from
If the above photos disturb you, they should.  Dead Syrian children.  Syrian children gassed the third week of August by a monster dictator, Bashar al-Assad, against his own people. More than 1400 Syrian people were killed when gassed by al-Assad in the Syrian civil war.

Adults that have died in this conflagration of genocide at least have had a chance to live a bit of their lives.  But, for these children, snuffed out before their time, this is tragic.  The next generation of Syrians are being killed by al-Assad.  These children and the possibilities of their lives are gone, forever, as the day dawns in Syria.  All the positive platitudes we put on our blogs and facebook pages will never bring these children, and for many of them, their families back again.

We here in America, have never had to deal with being gassed by our President.  We have no idea how horrific this really is.  Our families are not being torn apart by a monster dictator who will kill his own people to remain selfishly in power.  

So as we go about our daily lives here in America, as a civilized people, we DO have a responsibility to these Syrian children, their parents, their families and their friends, and to the whole nation of Syria to take military action/strikes against al-Assad. 

 And, the Syrians that have survived this gas attack, what kind of quality of life will they have too look forward to in the future?  Years and years of sickness, ill health, and even premature death.  We are all one humanity here on the earth.  When a monster dictator attacks his people, we all are attacked.  There but for the grace of God go we.  How can the whole world dither over whether to do something about al-Assad?

It is time for the whole world, no matter how 'war weary' we are, especially America and Britain, to make a military strike against al-Assad, so that these lives lost are not lost in vain.  How can the civilized peoples of the world look the other way -' just a civil war in Syria' - and not take action against al-Assad.  How can we permit this monster to get away with this? 

This gas attack was nearly fifteen days ago, and Britain's Parliament has refused to be a part of a military attack against al-Assad, and Obama has dithered over how to handle this situation.  First, he was for a quick direct attack.  Now, he has pulled back and is consulting Congress further delaying retaliation for this horrific attack. 

Like it or not, America is the world's leader militarily, democratically, and morally.  And leaders in the world must take action when genocide is occurring in another country.   Even if we have to go it alone, we must stop the genocide.  But, Britain, Germany, and France should not be shirking their duty as leaders in this world also.  I am disappointed that these three countries have said no or are dithering also. 

If retaliation is not taken immediately, it is meaningless.  When our children misbehave at home or at school, we don't wait fifteen days or more to discipline them.  We take immediate action so the child knows what he is being disciplined for.  

As long as we are waiting to send al-Assad a message, the sting of the response lessens, because it does not come directly after the chemical attack.  

I applaud Obama's attempt in getting a world response, but this should have been done first, before he came out saying a strike on Syria was imminent.  We look foolish to the world for doing this in this order and manner.  As a world leader, our nation needs to look decisive and  in control.  The way this has been organized, we look waning and foolish.  

I know, we can't even take control and help Detroit, Michigan in its bankruptcy case, but to turn a blind eye to al-Assad's chemical attack shows the world we have no moral courage.

And, remember these two little girls, Anne and Margot Frank, who were snuffed out before their time by Hitler during WWII.  Think what they could have contributed to the world.  What they did contribute during their short lives, one diary and some letters to one another, is a testament of how important each life is here on earth.  

Anne and Margot Frank as children before WWII.