Monday, March 24, 2014

Resetting the foreign relations button with Russia


Well, the U.S. certainly has 'reset the button' on foreign relations with Russia.  We have 'reset' it all the way back to the Cold War.

With Russia's grab of Crimea right out of the sovereign borders of Ukraine to return as  part of Russia, the U.S. and the rest of the world has been whooshed back to the 1950's.  It was in 1954 that Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union at the time, who gave Crimea to Ukraine. Since then, Crimea has been an autonomous region of Ukraine and continued so, when Ukraine gained its independence as a country with the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990's.

Vladimir Putin, the despot that he is, preened on the world stage during his triumphal Sochi Winter Olympics, and filled with that success, immediately turned to Ukraine, invaded, and grabbed back Crimea into Russia.  

And. . . the world just sat by and watched.

Now, all the independent countries that were once part of the Soviet Union are concerned and nervous that Putin and the Russian army may invade them.  And, who can blame them?

Ukraine is the most nervous one of them all.  Will Putin try next to acquire the eastern region of Ukraine because that is where many Russian ethnics live?   Ukraine has already been broken up with the grab of Crimea.  Will it continue to be broken up by Putin annexing the eastern region of Ukraine?

Russia has just rolled in and smashed into Ukrainian bases in Crimea and have taken over. Ukranian commanding officers have been detained for questioning.  

I realize no one wants war, but when an affront like Putin has done on an independent nation occurs, isn't there something the world can do?  Can't NATO come to Ukraine's defense? Wouldn't a strong presence of NATO forces in Crimea and Ukraine deter Putin and his cronies from what they are doing?   Putin sees economic sanctions as a weak response to his invasion, and sadly, Europe doesn't really want to follow suit with sanctions of their own because they rely on Russia's oil to heat their homes in the winter.

Putin is a bully.  And, although we teach children not to bully and not to but up with bullies, what examples do they see by adults on the world stage?   They see Putin being rewarded for his bullying and invasion of another's property and sovereign borders.

He might think twice about land grabbing if he was truly up against and looking at strong NATO forces and not just Ukrainian forces in Crimea and Ukraine. 

I don't see much changing in this world if we keep repeating the same mistakes, aka Hitler and his land grabs.  We need to stand up to the bullies of this world at the moment they begin, not years down the road when they are at the point of trying to take over the entire world and committing genocide.

We really know how to 'reset' things, don't we?  We have 'reset' ourselves right back into recent cold war history.

If this is the 'new world order,'  God help us.

Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is the Malaysian government involved in why this plane went missing?

Day 13 of the missing Malaysian flight 370 we find out there has been a spotting of possible wreckage of the plane deep south in the Indian Ocean some 1400 miles off the coast of Australia.  The images above are satellite photos of objects in the ocean that could be part of the plane.

Incredibly, we find out that these satellite photos were taken on Sunday and it is now Thursday, and we, the media, and most sadly the families are just finding out about these photos.  The Malaysian government has had these photos since Sunday and they are just releasing them four days later?  

I don't blame the families of the missing passengers and crew members for being up in arms about this.  And it begs the question:  Does the Malaysian government really want this plane to be found?   Has this plane gone missing because that is what the Malaysian government wants?

Where are the families of the two pilots in all of this?  Why have they been sequestered and out of sight this whole time?

What we have been chalking up to disorganization in a third world government's communications, could it really be that the Malaysian government really is 'crazy as a fox' and has pulled off the plane disaster and mystery of the century?

The Malaysian government all along has been holding back information and trotting it out on their own timeline.  In the meantime, after four days, these satellite photos of objects could be gone once Australian planes manage to get to it.  And, Australia would get to it first. Ocean currents would have carried these pieces away by now, four days later.

Why has the Malaysian government been so slow in releasing information it has about the flight, getting times of communication with the pilots mixed up, and 'pings' mixed up and at wrong locations?  It is almost as if they don't really want this plane found.

Could these pilots have been doing the bidding of their own government?    Where was this plane headed?  To Antarctica?  Why would wreckage of this plane be so far south in the Indian Ocean?  Was the plane meant to crash this far south in the Indian Ocean ?

President Obama has stated that finding this plane is "a top priority."  If so, do we have drones out looking for this plane?  We have drones flying all over the U.S. and the world taking reconnaissance photos.  Do we have any drones checking out the islands of the Indian Ocean for sights of this plane, and over the Indian Ocean.  If not, why not?  

Do we have drones out looking at the runways and airports of any places in the northern arc or route the plane may have taken.  We have drones over Afghanistan, Syria, and other places in the Middle East.  Do we have any out looking for missing Malaysian flight 370?  If the U.S. is exceptional and the leader of the world, then shouldn't we be leading in finding this missing plane also?

It would be a turn of events if we saw drones doing something positive for this world instead of just spying on the world, which is so negative.

Missing human beings are more important than Malaysian national security and their government's woeful explanation for the lag time in releasing information.  These objects in the southern Indian Ocean should have been checked out on Sunday, not for the first time today, Thursday.

It is time for the entire world to pressure the Malaysian government officials to stop withholding important information and photos from the families of the passengers and the rest of the world and get serious about finding this airplane and its passengers and crew.

Copyright (c)  2014   Suzannah Wolf Walker

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More on Malaysian flight 370


The mystery deepens as the days tick by.  It is twelve days since Malaysian flight 370 vanished from the earth and we are no more nearer to knowing what happened as we did on the day of the flight.  

That is what makes this disappearance so frustrating.  The more we look into the situation the more questions arise instead of being able to determine what happened and where the plane is.

We don't know if the plane malfunctioned, the pilots purposely diverted the path of the plane, a hijacking occurred, or the plane ran out of fuel and fell into the ocean.  All we know is the plane has disappeared off the face of this earth.

With all the technology and experts we have looking into the matter, how, in this day and age, could a huge 777 plane just disappear with 239 people on board and there is not a drop of evidence of it anywhere?

The question as to why no one on the plane used their cell phones to alert people on the ground what was happening is now answered.  Apparently, at the height this plane was flying, it is impossible for cell phones to catch a signal from a cell tower that high up in the air.  At least that question has been determined. But, again it raises more questions.

It is disheartening and heartbreaking to see the families of these passengers, so frustrated by what is happening, cry and scream out their grief for their missing loved ones.  In the Asian culture, people grieve differently than we do here in the U.S.  It is dreadful to hear their screams and wails, but that is how they grieve.  Not to scream and wail would be disrespectful to their missing loved ones.  But it is so hard for Americans to see and hear this.

Now authorities are looking into the hard drive of the pilot's plane simulator in his home.  Why it has taken this long for the Malaysians to do this is also a mystery.  I will be surprised to hear if the pilot or co-pilot were part of a ruse to disappear this plane.  

As time ticks by, I still believe, for whatever reason, that the plane lies somewhere on the bottom of the Indian Ocean.  I find it hard to believe or comprehend that the plane landed somewhere on ground.  How to hide this large plane and 239 people just does not seem possible to me with absolutely no information at all coming out.

If this was terrorism or a hijacking, wouldn't there be a ransom request of some kind?  al Queda, for sure, would be taking responsibility for this if they had done this.  They love to humiliate the U.S. and our allies throughout the world and this would be the ultimate humiliation.

This is why I believe, even if this was the result of terrorism or hijacking, the plane has crashed into the sea.  

Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Russia, Ukraine, and Crimea


First, I must say here that I am not an expert on geopolitics and what you read here are my own personal opinions based on my understanding of fairness, countries international borders, freedom of a country to determine its own government, democracy and the sovereignty of all countries in the world.

The world and I were shocked and dismayed when Vladimir Putin sent Russian troops into Crimea, an autonomous region of the sovereign country of Ukraine, on the ruse that he had to "protect" ethnic Russians from the turmoil in Ukraine in their efforts to determine the type of government they want in their country.


Today is the referendum in Crimea, for Crimeans to vote if they want Crimea to remain in the Ukraine or return to Russia.  With ethnic Russians the majority living in Crimea, the vote is a 'fait accompli' - they will vote to return to Russia.

And, this referendum is not even legal.  First of all, it is forced by Russia's military intervention in Crimea, not by the legitimate government of Ukraine.  Then, only Crimeans are permitted to vote in the referendum.  All Ukrainians should be voting to see if Crimea goes to Russia or remains in Ukraine.  But, Putin would probably lose a vote from the entire country of Ukraine, so he won't allow it.

This is a sad day for Ukraine and the rest of the world.  It will set a new precedent of Russian backed military intervention by force in a sovereign country to take back land that was once theirs.

I am sure the prior Soviet satellite countries: Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary etc. are worried to see if Putin will send the Russian military into their countries and claim them back into Russian control.

Who is Putin to rearrange the sovereign borders of other countries in this world?  If this dangerous precedent is set, all of Europe, for that matter, will fear the Russian military forcefully entering their country to "protect" Russians living in their countries.


Pictured here are Special Ops Commandos from Russia taking over Crimea.  And, what about the Ukranians living in Crimea?  Will they have to become Russians against their will?  What Putin has done is outrageous.

Will other areas in the world, Quebec, the Basque region of Spain, Scotland, and Colorado and Texas in the U.S. be emboldened to separate and become independent of their country's borders and status?  This is unthinkable.

International borders should be sovereign and unbreakable, unless the people of those countries chose differently.  Unkrainians have spoken.  They wish to have a more democratic government and not one that is a 'puppet' state of Russia and Vladimir Putin.  It is up to the people of Ukraine to decide what type of government they want in their country.  It is not for Russia to determine their government.

And, why the rest of the world has stood by and watched and allowed this to happen is also unthinkable.  I realize they have placed harsh sanctions against Putin for doing this.  But, this has not stopped Putin or even made him blink.  Which country will Putin roll into next?

Putin is all about world domination and returning Russia to its 'glory' as the dominate country in the world.  He wants to return to the days of the Soviet Union.  How sick is that?

Putin's justification for taking back Crimea is a false one.   Will this precedent allow any country in the world to roll into another country to "protect" the people of their ethnic background?   Will Putin forcefully enter the U.S. to "protect" the Russian immigrants who live here?  Probably not, because he would be met with real U.S. military force.  But, the weaker countries of the world have much to fear with Putin setting this dangerous precedent.

And, what about the countries of Asia.  Will they be emboldened by Putin's precedent to begin rearranging the borders of their countries?  And, where is the U.N.?  With Russia having a veto vote, the U.N. is useless in this situation.

Who will stop Putin from land grabbing and rearranging the borders of Europe?

Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker

Friday, March 14, 2014

Where in the world is Malaysian flight 370?


Where in the world is Malaysian flight 370?   It is like playing "Where's Waldo?"  The entire world is captivated by the story of what has happened to this plane, none less than the relatives and loved ones of the passengers on the flight.   "Where's Waldo and where is this flight?"

Finding the missing airplane and its crew and passengers has become the biggest mystery since the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her plane in the 1930's.  

There has been so much conflicting and contradicting information coming from Malaysia.  They are not the most organized government to be handling a mystery flight disappearance such as this. Their disorganized dissemination of information has caused a great more pain for the family members clutching to hope of ever seeing their loved ones alive again.

Sadly, it has been approximately seven days so far since its disappearance.  If the flight with its passengers and crew are at the bottom of the ocean, then they are all deceased by now.  It is a shame the Malaysian government did not let more knowledgeable and more experienced governments to come in and help them right from the beginning.  It is only now, that the U.S. plus some other nations that are helping the Malaysians with their hunt.

The news organizations are playing "what if?" with the experts in aviation to determine what could have happened or be happening to the flight.  Answer:  It simply disappeared.

There are conspiracy theories right and left as to what has happened to this flight.  A mad terrorist?  A hijacking?  A deranged pilot and/or co-pilot?  A suicide mission?  My thoughts on conspiracy theories is this:  remember back to 9/11, when terrorists overtook the flights from Boston and New York.  The passengers flew into action and tried to stop them and the airplane from making its desired destination to Washington, D.C.

Passengers, aware of what was happening, used cell phones to call loved ones to say good-bye, and to tell the world what was happening to them.  If there was such a sort of thing happening on Malaysia 370, I believe the same thing would have happened.  I believe some passengers would have gotten messages out via their cell phones - by calling loved ones, by texting, or by e-mailing.  

We live in a world of instant communication.  I can't believe if there were terrorists or hijackers taking over the plane that someone would not have gotten a message out to someone.

And, then, did terrorists or hijackers collect all cell phones from passengers and crew before veering the plane off its course to keep messages from being sent out?  Did they learn from the terrorists of 9/11?

Even if the plane was taken over by terrorists or hijackers and has survived the flight, where did it land and where are they?  Could they keep 239 people shackled and quiet with not one person escaping or getting a message out?  Are they on one of the many islands in the oceans and seas around Maylaysia?  Eventually, they will be found, then.  Could they have landed in Pakistan, a country that is suppose to be our ally?

I still believe, the plane suddenly was catastrophically downed and is somewhere in one of the oceans around Malaysia.  I believe it exploded, either from undetected mechanical problems, or was blown up by terrorists or hijackers.  If this happened, the passengers and crew would not have been able to get messages out via cell phones, instead using last minutes trying to save themselves from disaster.

I believe the plane will be found deep within the ocean waters along with passengers and crew. It may take months or years for the plane to be discovered and pulled up out of the ocean.  And it may take months or years for the 'black boxes' to be discovered. 

In the meantime, the world continues to play "Where's Waldo/Flight 370?  I feel for the families of the missing passengers and crew who are left in limbo as to what has happened to their loved ones. The not knowing must be killing them.   I hope that the aviation and deep sea experts are able to find something to explain what has happened to this flight.

Otherwise, we have a Bermuda Triangle situation in the seas and oceans around Malaysia.

Devastated family members and relatives of passengers on vanished Malaysian Flight 300.

Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Flunking Sandbox 101

Obama and Putin (2013) at the G8 summit in N. Ireland

Everything I need to know about Life I learned in Kindergarten.  Remember that book that came out years ago?  That book that proclaimed that all we had to do was to look back to kindergarten and the lessons we learned in the sandbox to lead us in how to live our lives? 

To share and get along with one another were the lessons we learned as we played in the sandbox.  No one person was allowed to dominate the sandbox as we shoveled our sand into pails and dug tunnels and made houses out of sand.  We had to respect our playmates areas of the sandbox.

We now know  that Vladimir Putin flunked Sandbox 101, aka Kindergarten.  His recent antics on the world stage in Crimea has shown us he's the bully in the sandbox throwing sand in everyone's eyes.  

Yes, once a bully, always a bully.  Once the meanie in the sandbox, always the meanie.

And, as we clean that stinging sand out of our eyes, why are we surprised or outraged at Putin's attempt to incorporate the Crimea into the Russian Federation?  It has always been world domination that Putin is after.  It was always Russia's domination and stance on the world stage as the mightiest nation for which Putin has been striving.

He preened on the world stage of the Sochi Olympics as Ukraine spiraled out of the control of a Russian puppet dictator and demanded freedom and democracy.  

And, so, Putin had to show his world dominance by having Russian troops invade the Crimea, an autonomous but sovereign part of the Ukraine, and setting up a "referendum" as a ploy to take over the Crimea and break up part of the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

Inch by inch, Putin wants to regain the eastern European nations once part of the Soviet Union and bring them back under Russia's control.  He has fooled no one with his blatant ploy.  I believe he wants to break up the Ukraine rather than allow the nation the freedom and democracy it wants and deserves.

I agree with Hillary;  this is exactly how Hitler started out with his plan of world dominance in the 1930's.  At first, Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland to "protect" the Germans living in these countries, just as Putin wants to "protect" those of Russian descent in the Crimea.

Do we really believe Putin will stop with dominance of the Crimea?  This is pitting Ukrainian citizens against one another over ethnic backgrounds.  Russians against Ukrainians.  Putin means to destroy the Ukraine rather than allow a free and democratic Ukraine to prosper next to the Russian Federation.  Nationalism dominating over globalism

No, none of us wants war, but the U.S. and the European nations should be stopping Putin, not offering words of outrage and leveling sanctions that Putin could care less about and will find a way around them anyway.  Why are the U.S. and Europe so anxious to appease Putin in regards to the Crimea?    We appeased Hitler early on, and look what happened.

Why has Europe allowed itself to be monopolized by Russian oil and gas?  Why haven't they diversified and gotten oil and gas from other nations as well as Russia?  Why has Europe put themselves in the position to have to cow tow to Putin now? 

Can we never think beyond our noses on this world stage?  And why has Europe not handed some money to the Ukraine to help it through a tough time, while Putin was eager to hand the Ukraine $15 billion dollars to be able to set up a Russian puppet as president of Ukraine.  

 As the Ukraine is being broken up, finally,  the U.S. and Europe come through with money to support Ukraine.  But, is it too little, too late?  

Will the world just stand by and watch as Putin makes the Crimea part of the Russian Federation?

Are we going to allow Putin to dominate our world sandbox instead of playing nicely and respecting other countries areas of the sandbox?

Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker

Friday, March 7, 2014

Pleasant Dreams! - a poem


Birds are softly chirping in the early morn

As the sun slowly rises in the east,

Dawn ascends as the sun's rays stream into my bedroom

Engulfing me with warm sunshine.

All around the sun pours into the day,

Melting snow piles from an endless winter.

A smile dances across my face

Birds chirping means spring is near.

Oh, nasty winter snowman, slowly you melt

Disappearing into the ground

As my heart also melts, warmed by the sun

Not from the swift blizzard snow from a fore night ago,

Which left my heart cold and numbed.

My eyes close as the birds' chirping lulls me

Into a pleasant dreamland

Warm from the not too distant spring sun

Shining its warmth through my bedroom window

And into my heart.

Pleasant dreams!



Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker