Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Star - a poem

Christmas Star so bright

Larger than all the others

Bringing light into the world

So that peace. love. joy and hope

Will ultimately reign 

A special star

For one season only

To commemorate

All that is good in the world

Star so bright; Lead us as a compass

To find in our being the good in the world

To find the love in our hearts

And in turn to be a guiding light for those less fortunate

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Friday, December 20, 2013

Disappointment in the Obama Presidency

Obama's presidency has been a total disappointment to me and many of millions of Americans.  His candidacy for the presidency of "Yes, we can!" held so much hope and possibility at the time, but has turned to futility in reality.

While I am not so naive as to think that presidential candidates will be able to accomplish all that they promise during the campaign, I have witnessed that just about all of Obama's promises have failed.

He promised to close down "Gitmo", the Guantanamo Bay prison for the worst world terrorists located in Cuba on a U.S. military base.  This has not happened and I don't see it happening soon.  I believed this to be an important mission for Obama to see that it was closed down.

Prisoners have been held indefinitely without due process of a speedy trial.  That is against our U.S. Constitution, but it seems if we hold these terrorists on foreign ground, even though on a U.S. military base, we can imprison them indefinitely and forever.  That we finally have let one go back to Saudi Arabia without being able to prove he was and is a terrorist is sad indeed.

And, what is to say, that before long, we will be doing the same to U.S. citizens who happen to be undesirables?  Smacks of Nazism if you ask me.  

Obama's signature policy, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a disaster.  He made certain promises that have not come to fruition for all Americans.  While my health insurance has had no changes, too many Americans promised this are finding out through letters from their health insurance companies that this his not so.  Although, many of them are probably inferior health insurance policies not valid under the ACA, the appearance is that Obama has lied.  And, doesn't America and Americans live for appearances?

The whole situation with the NSA, the National Security Administration, has been a mitigating disaster with its metadata program.  Thank heavens that Edward Snowden  has presented documents to the media to prove just what has really been going on behind American's backs.

While I am still not able to say Snowden is a hero, he is certainly not the villainous traitor the American government and Obama want to make him out to be.  He is no  different than Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers back in the 1970's. 

I guess we do need whistle blowers among us as I for one am glad to know the NSA and the American government are conducting a surveillance program encompassing nearly all Americans and making decisions using a secret court.  Again, this smacks of Nazism.

We cannot be the land of the "free and the brave"  with secret surveillance programs and secret courts in session.  And, yet, the presidential candidate that promised transparency in his administration, has the largest government spy program of unwitting Americans ever administered in the U.S.  I am disappointed that this would happen under Obama's presidency.

And then there are the drone problems.  Our drones have killed innocent civilians in the middle east, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.  We have drones flying overhead Americans and filming us.  When, will all this stop?  Not soon, I fear.

Obama also does not seem to be in charge of his own administration and government.  The roll out of the ACA on the government web-site has been a dismal failure.  That Obama was not on top of this important policy roll out indicates how out of touch he is with his own cabinet members and the most important policy of his administration, the ACA.  Obama has a need for more policy wonks in his administration to make sure his government bureaucracy runs smoothly.  Obama has shown a poor choice of people at the top running his administration and the government.

The gridlock between the two political parties in this nation I do attribute to racisim being alive and well in DC and rearing its ugly head.  While I do believe some of Obama's problems are caused by an underlying coat of racism just below the surface of American politics, he needs to be better prepared for that and to find ways to better head it off.  Part of the problem is his aloof approach to governing and dealing with Republicans.   I attribute this racism as the real reason why government was shut down in October.

I believe Obama has created a real malaise in this country because he does not seem to be in charge of his own administration, government, policies or the country.  He is certainly not the inspiring candidate we saw in 2008.  Perhaps that is because his "handlers" are no longer with his administration and left on his own, he really is not able to be the inspirational leader we need or thought we had.

Again, that is shown by the economic times during his presidential administration.  While he did inherit a huge economic problem from George W. Bush, his handling of the stimulus programs, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the economy in general has been tepid and certainly not ground breaking.

For someone who touted change, moving the country forward in the 21st century, transparency in government, and a take charge presidency I can only say at this point Obama has failed.  We are further behind in everything; the economy, technology, education, government administration, health care, and the military than ever before.

Perhaps the better question is :  Is there any one out there who has the leadership abilities to do what is best for this country, to lead us forward, and to make us strong again?  Is greatness out there in a leader or has it died out with the likes of FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy?

Is America the result of great days and leaders gone and long past?

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker  all rights reserved

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Eve Night - a poem


Christmas Eve night

Softly, snow drops like sugared candy

Lights dimmed

Gently turns the road

Above, the stars twinkle on and off

Looking for the Star of Bethlehem

Shining brightly in the sky pointing

The way, approaching home

The tree lights sparkle and give

Rival to the stars above

Through the light snow

Barely seen

Home at last

Cozy, warm, fire flitters

Love and Merry Christmas!


 Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Monday, December 9, 2013

Memories - a poem

I touch my memories

frozen in time,

crystal clear and cold

from another dream.

Beautiful and unchanged

forever more.

Tapped from my memory

to be remembered.

In full color and glory

so I can see

the places I have

been - remembering.

Each wrapped in a cold mist

and preserved until

I understand

each and every one.

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Monday, November 25, 2013

Paris Cafe - a poem

"Cafe Terrace at Night"  by Vincent Van Gogh (1888)
Rijksmuseum Van Gogh, The Netherlands
Paris, at night

Starry filled sky

Empty tables, like my heart

Standing lonely on the cobblestones

From the outside, looking in

Wishing to sit, clinking wine glasses

Intimate talk, nuzzled kisses

Images so far away now

As I walk down the street

Away from the light

Alone, into the dark and

Away from the past.

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker

Sunday, November 10, 2013

All Is Lost - Robert Redford's Tour de Force

All Is Lost, the latest film by Robert Redford, is certainly his "tour de force.  I have to agree with the critics, this is Redford's finest film performance.   Both the film and his performance are worthy of Oscars, and I hope he wins the Oscar for Best Actor as he is certainly deserving of one for his performance in this film.

I was totally captivated by the film and engaged in the story the entire time I watched.  I was fascinated by this man's ability to fight to survive this dreadful situation all alone. I am very visual, and this, of course is a very visual film, so I loved it.   There is barely any dialogue and we truly just watch his struggle at sea. 

Redford is such a refined and nuanced actor that he is able to capture our attention and keep it during the entire film.    He is older now, but in great shape.  His face is lined and wrinkled but he is still gorgeous after all these years, and his electric blue eyes still peer out of a strong-jawed face.  Men gain character with their facial lines and wrinkles, as we know, and Redford is a glowing example of this.

The film is a one-man show of 'our man', Robert Redford, sailing alone on the Indian Sea.  We don't know where he has left from and we don't know his final destination.  We don't know his name.  But, all that is unimportant, because what we see is an older man struggling to survive when his sailboat is smashed up against a steel cargo drum lost at sea. 

The film opens with Redford, stranded at sea, reading the last letter/message he wrote when his hope was waning of ever being rescued and surviving his ordeal.  Through this ordeal, he writes, he has learned some lessons in life and he apologizes for not having learned these important lessons at an earlier stage in his life.  We don't know to whom he is writing this message.  Is it to one person in particular or mankind in general?

 We then see him awakened on his sailboat when water is flushing into the cabin,  because his sailboat has rammed into the steel cargo drum that had fallen off of a cargo ship during the night.  He quickly assess the situation, determines the damage to the sailboat and goes about fixing the large, deep hole in the side of the boat.  

Of course, I was amazed at this character's prior depth of  knowledge of what to do and how to repair his boat in this kind of a situation.  Always, always have duct tap with you when sailing.  

 In fact, all through the ordeal, I was amazed at the knowledge and survival skills that this character had.   It was apparent he had a lifetime of sail boating knowledge behind him that certainly came in handy in his situation. 

Once the sail boat is patched, he continues navigating on his way.  Again, we don't know where that 'way' is, but we watch his confidence as he sails on.  We also learn the name of his sailboat is the 'Virginia Jean.'  We never learn who that is or the significance of the name for the boat, but interestingly it is a woman's name.  

Of course, Mother Nature has other plans for 'our man.'  There are two devastating storms, that I would say to be typhoons, that hit this man and his sailboat.   By the middle of the second storm, his sailboat is so battered, the mast and sails broken down and destroyed by the storms, that 'our man' has no choice but to inflate the rubber lifeboat in the choppy sea and then dive into it.  

The lifeboat is round and has a zippered tent to it which he zips up for protection from the storm.  It is like a little wigwam bouncing on the sea.  During this segment of the film, the underwater photography is stunning and my personal favorite part of the film.

I, again, was captivated by Redford's nuanced performance, the facial expressions, the frustration he experiences and excellently portrays as his situation becomes more dire and, as he tries to survive on this round lifeboat.  I was amazed at the survival equipment available on one of these lifeboats which 'our man' uses to fight the elements of nature and sea in his ordeal of survival.

He is even able to continue navigating with a navagation instrument provided on the lifeboat and a book he took from the cabin on celestial navigating.  He is knowledgeable enough and has the skills to be able to pinpoint exactly on a map where he is in this vast Indian Ocean.  I found that part of the film amazing.

He is even able to survive a third storm, zipped up in his 'wigwam' lifeboat, as it is tossed and turned in a 360 degree circle several times.   By now, 'our man's' confidence is breaking down and we sometimes see real fear in his face.  He finally becomes depressed as he realizes his odds of surviving are becoming less and less.

The human spirit's will to survive, even in the face of such fear, depression and great odds, is the major theme of this film.    And, I thought it was wonderful that the character was an older, more mature man in this situation.  Youth certainly has its advantages, but because of his older age, he has a depth of knowledge and skills learned over a lifetime of sail boating that someone younger in this situation just would not have.  

And, no matter how old a person is, or what has happened in the past for this man to be sailing such a great distance alone, the will to live and not give up is tremendous in a human being.  I think he finally realizes the fatal flaw in himself is his ego and in having the audacity to take this voyage alone.   

I won't tell the ending of the film; I will just say, always keep swimming toward the light in life.  That, also, is a major theme in this film.

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Affordable Care Act - a successful quest

Can we all calm down over the Affordable Care Act?  Can we all stop the vitriolic attacks against President Obama over the ACA?  The venom spewed at him over this is unprecedented in history.  Stop the hate!

Life is not perfect and it is not a perfect world we live in.  Stuff happens.  While I agree that those in charge of creating the ACA web-site should have been more diligent, responsible, and in the know, let's stop crucifying President Obama.  Let's just get the site fixed, for heaven's sake.

One thing that has really bothered me are those saying President Obama lied when he said that people with health insurance would be able to keep theirs with the ACA.  He was not lying.

I, for one, had heath insurance before the ACA went into effect, I like my health insurance, the ACA is not raising the price of my health insurance, nor is my health insurance dropping me; therefore, I am able to keep my health insurance despite the ACA and nothing dreadful is happening to me or my health insurance.  So, President Obama HAS NOT LIED.

I am sure there are millions just like me, but you do not hear about them.  There are people that I am sure are being dropped or the price of their health insurance is raised because of the ACA.  But, that is because their health insurance does not cover as it is legally mandated under the ACA stipulations.

The news media also is jumping on the bandwagon by only covering those that are loosing their health insurance or the price is raising because they are not fully covered.  

The news media needs to search out people like me to give a balanced view of what is really happening with health insurance in this country.  The media needs to find the people who are not experiencing any change in their health insurance and are able to keep it despite the ACA.

While I truly have empathy for those whose lives are being disrupted by the implementation of the ACA, there are those whose lives are not being disrupted and these stories need to come out too.

The ACA is not a perfect bit of legislation and law.  But, it is better than having nothing to cover the millions of people who have not had health insurance at all.   Health insurance must also cover those with pre-existing conditions now.  That is a wonderful change the ACA has brought.

On October 2, I got on the federal government web-site to have a look at it.  I successfully signed up for an account, even thought I don't need one, and was able to get access to the competitive shopping area and saw the different types of health insurance and the prices.  I originally started my quest at about 9 pm and got on the site at about 10 pm and by the time I was finished looking at what was offered it was about 11:15 pm.

Therefore, many people are able to get on the site, sign in for an account and view the information, but you just don't hear about the successful stories.   I wanted to compare the ACA insurance to mine and mine was similar in price and coverage to what is offered on the web-site.   And I was able to see my health insurance coverage is at the gold level according to the site.   Yes, it took about two hours and fifteen minutes to complete the whole quest.

I realize millions of Americans have not been as fortunate as I was to get on the web-site.  I did have to wait, about an hour, before I could actually get on the site.  I agree that signing up for an account took some time and energy on my part, but no more than the time I spend on any other site opening accounts.   Yes, it worked slowly and I had to wait, but again, not more than any other site out there.  

Let's focus on the positive aspects of this new law and work to make the web-site more user friendly.  Let's not only see the negative aspects and tear down the law and President Obama.  And, guess what?  There is choice in this ACA - this is what everyone wanted rather than a single payer health insurance plan for this country, and we have it.  

The majority in this nation want the ACA or Obamacare, whichever you choose to call it.  That's why Obama was re-elected as president.  Let's move our country forward and stop spinning our wheels in the mud and moaning and fighting over change.

I believe the ACA is going to be successful, the web-site will become user-friendly, and life will go on here in the 'ol USA, with our nation finally having health insurance coverage for everyone.  

And, please, stop picking on the President.

Copyright (c)  2013   Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved

Tropical Florida Rain - a poem

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Source: suzettenaples
Source: suzettenaples
Source: dreamstimefree

A Florida Drenching

Raindrops drenching straight down
upon the brimming swail.

Palm trees stagger as plants flatten
in the downpour.

The golf course fills as a river
flowing downstream.

Nature is lost and vacant
as the streams of rain
drum down on the ground.

Puddles become ponds of water - no
other place to go.

The sand's parched lips gulp down the rain;
Large swallows that evaporate and then regurgle.

A gray haze spreads across the sky
as far as the eye can see.

The breeze turns cold as the stream
slackens back to raindrops that patter
on the ground.

Softly, the rain eases and the cold breeze
whispers "ahhhh" across the gray haze
as limp palm trees perk up and sway again.

Life returns as haze and clouds slowly depart;
blue sky peeks through and all is well again.

by Suzannah Wolf Walker Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

A wet interlude

There is something about Florida rains that fascinate me. In the winter months they come on slowly, become hard, straight rains, but are not threatening. Absent are the booms and crashes as in a summer thunderstorm. Nature vanishes during these hard rains, then reappears when the rain ceases. For no more than half an hour, the sky is gray and dark, but not frightening, and the rains come fast and strong. The earth slurps up the badly needed water gratefully. The rains slacken and the gray haze and clouds slowly dissipate as the blue sky begins to break through followed by the glorious sun. Birds return chirping and golf balls again whiff down the fairway as the day returns to normal after the wet interlude.

Seagulls - haiku

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Seaguls take flight.
Seaguls take flight.
Source: suzettenaples


Seagulls take flight.
Sea air under long white wings;
Leaving soft waves behind.

Seagulls soaring in the air leave the expansive Gulf behind to the rest of us.
Copyright 2012 Suzannah Wolf Walker all rights reserved
Source: suzettenaples


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Spansh Moss - haiku

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Spanish Moss growing in an old oak tree.
Source: wikipedia

Spanish Moss

Dripping down, down, down
Ages of leaves and flowers
Telling an old tale.

Frogyfish, this one is for you. I found out that Spanish Moss is really a flower that grows mostly in oak trees. It is both a leaf and a flower that is very difficult to see from far away. You have to be on top of the moss to actually see the spindly flower that grows among the leaves. The leaves and flowers hang on tree branches and it literally "jumps" from tree to tree to bloom in it. It is like voluptuous hair growing among the branches of the oak tree. It grows in hot, humid climates and is very popular in the south, especially in Florida.
Copyright 2012 Suzannah Wolf Walker all rights reserved.
Spanish Moss up close.
Spanish Moss up close.
Source: wikipedia

Secrets - a poem



So many secrets ---
for only you
to know,
because I love you.

Copyright (c) 2013 Suzannah Wolf Walker
The Secret of Poetry
The Secret of Poetry
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Springtime Butterfly Haiku

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Albino monarch butterfly
Source: wikipedia

Albino monarch butterfly

Odd bit of nature

White instead of color

Full of loveliness
Female monarch butterfly
Female monarch butterfly
Source: wikipedia

Monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly

Spreading colorful wings

Flutters to flowers

Copyright (c) 2013 Suzannah Wolf Walker all rights reserved
Monarch viceroy butterflies in mimicry
Monarch viceroy butterflies in mimicry
Source: wikipedia
Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly
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Fields of sunflowers - a poem

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Yellow Sunflowers painted by Vincent Van Gogh
Source: wikipedia
Naples Botanical Gardens, Naples, Florida
Naples Botanical Gardens, Naples, Florida
Source: suzettenaples

Fields of Sunflowers

Fields of Sunflowers
Stretching across the plains of Spain
Sunny, happy, flowers
Never shall meet the rain

Perky faces turned up to the sun
Reaching far and wide
Each flower standing happy
Producing seeds so sweet

Like the sun itself
Spreading shine and beauty
Feeling the warmth as
A yellow blanket envelopes the earth

Smiling sunflowers
A testament of happiness
Brings joy and elation
To each one who glances

Standing straight and tall
At attention for us to see
Single sunflower out of the many
Sways in the gentle, warm breeze

Copyright 2013 Suzannah Wolf Walker all rights reserved

Windmills of Our Minds - a poem

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Windmills of La Mancha in Spain
Windmills of La Mancha in Spain
Don Quijote and windmill in Spain
Don Quijote and windmill in Spain
Don Quijote and Sancho Panza in La Mancha, Spain
Don Quijote and Sancho Panza in La Mancha, Spain

Windmills of our Minds

Like the song
the windmills turn
as memories swirl
remembering lost memories

How swiftly they turn
at last remembering
jumbling in the mind
each laid out on a vane

Round and round
they turn
as each memory
swirls around in the mind

The impossible dream
lost to the memories
on the windmills of our mind; on thelandscape of Spain
hot, dry, they blow away

Copyright 2013 Suzannah Wolf Walker all rights reserved