Monday, July 2, 2012

The Supreme Court upholds Obama's health insurance bill

While I am not sure I understand completely how Obama's healthcare insurance is going to work, and I have not read the entire bill, I do have to say I am glad the Supreme Court has upheld the health insurance bill that Obama has backed.  I also am surprised that this happened as we have such a conservative Supreme Court at this time, but I am heartened that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts broke the tie in vote and voted for the health bill.  I think this is a couragous decision on his part and he has more compassion for which I had not earlier given him credit. 

I admit, I don't understand all the politics involved.  I have read in the NY Times that by upholding this health bill the Republicans win also.  I don't quite understand all of that argument, but I think it is high time our country has the compassion to see that all in the U.S.  get covered medically.  Too many of us who have health insurance have been paying for those who don't through the astronomical medical prices we are faced with and the rise in our health insurance premiums over the years. 

I do know that when someone does not have health insurance and has a medical problem, all they have to do is walk into a hospital emergency room and they are taken care of.  Their medical problem is attended to and they are helped until they are well again.  But who has paid for this?  Those of use who have health insurance have paid for their problem.  Now, I am a compassionate person and I do not feel anyone should ever be denied medical attention.  But, I am tired of the same people, those that are covered, constantly paying for those who have not been covered.

I do believe everyone should be required to have health insurance.  This way, everyone pays for their medical help instead of just a group with medical insurance covering those who don't have it.  Every person in this country should be prepared in case of a catasrophic medical problem coming up in their lives.  We all need to be compassionate and we all need to be paying into health insurance.  The costs today are astronomical.  The only way to bring down those costs is if everyone is paying into the system.

I understand that for those who can't afford health insurance they will have vouchers or government subsidies made  available with which to purchase health insurance. While I don't think this is a perfect solution, I do think this is a start in the right direction.  We will not be having a government run program like those in Canada, Great Britain, or France.  This should ease the fears of government socialism taking over the U.S.  Hopefully, this will also ease the fears of having to wait for months and months to have needed surgeries.

It is high time every citizen in this nation help with the health insurance for everyone in this nation.  Hopefully, the health insurance bill Obama and the Democrats have come up with will foster competition in the health industry because today we are quite close to a monoply within the healthcare system.  The prices for everything are astronomical. 

I read my hospital bills whenever I have been in the hospital and the prices are frightening.  A single aspirin costs $50.  So does a box of kleenex.  This is ridiculous.  And why?  We are being charged those astronomical prices because that is how we pay for those being cared for in the hospital but have no medical insurance.  They are getting the same care as I am, but I am paying for their aspirin and kleenex throught the price I am charged for mine.  Again, I do not begrudge those people the aspirin or the kleenex, but I do have a problem with only those of us with medical insurance paying for that aspirin and box of kleenex.  At least if everyone in the U.S. is required to have insurance, we all will be paying for the aspirin and kleenex.

I see nothing wrong with requiring everyone to have health insurance.  Those that refuse to buy it will be fined, I understand by a tax.  I don't particularly care where the fine comes from, but I understand the IRS's involvement.  They tally our taxes and they will tally the health insurance requirement.  I see nothing wrong with that.  I believe each person is responsible for being part of the whole - the whole United States.  I do not believe individuals should be able to opt out.  Health insurance needs to be a group project and everyone in this nation should be helping the whole.  This is one area where group compassion and understanding are needed and not an area of extreme individualism.  We have plenty of individualism in this country as it is. 

The health insurance bill is a good compromise for our country.  It is not socialism, yet it requires all to participate and all to pay for the good of everyone in our nation.  I can't think of a better way to take care of our nation than by contributing to the health insurance program.