Friday, May 3, 2013

We need a zen moment

Can we all just chill out and take a Zen moment and relax?  Ever since the day of the Boston Marathon bombings, there has been nothing on the news, especially on the cable 24 hour news stations, but news about the two bombers.  The Tsarnaev  brothers.

Every move, sound, sneeze, word, and comment the remaining brother says is announced, commented on, analyzed, dissected, pulled apart, put back together and then its done again ad nauseum

I thought we agreed that constant coverage of these terrorists was a bad thing to do?  Why are we glorifying them and putting them on a pedestal?  Why are we obsessing over these two brothers, one dead and the other one most likely to spend the rest of his life in prison?

Why are we giving these two yahoos and their denying parents any broadcast time?    Our news programs act like there is nothing else going on anywhere in the world but at the prison cell or bedside of the younger brother.

Just let the police do their investigation, bring in whoever else they find was involved in this and then report on the findings.  Every day reporting the drip, drip, drip of this investigation is agonizing and painful, especially to those injured and the families of those killed.

We have to learn to move on.  Okay, the bombings happened. We have to go forward.   If we are going to obsess and continue to look the situation, let's at least focus on those injured making their heroic physical and psychological rehabilitation.  Lets look at something or someone positive instead of looking back at the mayhem and bombs these two brothers produced.

We do this every time there is a terrorist incident.  We keep focusing on the terrorists.  The ones in the middle east are watching us obsess thinking, "See, we really mess up their lives and mess with their heads when we are able to bomb them and commit terrorist acts."

We are just giving future terrorists a reason to bomb us.  They see that a terrorist incident can stop us in our tracks and bring an entire city to lockdown.  When that happens, the terrorist has won.  They have done exactly what they set out to do - kill Americans and take away our freedom and we are playing right into their hands.

So, who really are the stupid ones here?   We need to go on with our lives and not give this remaining brother, the dead brother, the wife, or these boys' parents the time of day.   We are only rewarding bad behavior.  These terrorists need to see that they are nothing more than a mere drop of news in the entire ocean of humanity.