Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Asa Hutchinson - Shame on You!

Former Representative Asa Hutchinson (R-Arkansas)
Asa Hutchinson - Shame on You!  I am convinced some of our 'leaders' have lost all common sense.  Asa Hutchinson and his task force, National School Shield Task Force,  for creating safer schools has recommended that all public schools in America have teachers appointed who will be in possession of a gun at all times.  He is for ending all American public schools as being gun free zones.
What lunacy is this?  I have said it before and I'll say it again - children and guns don't mix.  Adam Lanza is proof of that.  He is one disturbed person that should never have been around guns and his mother should have known better.  Guns in the wrong hands only ends in one way - tragedy.

Guns in schools teaches children the wrong message.  It teaches them that guns are the answer to all disagreements and conflict.  Rather than reach out and help, it is easier just to kill.  What about the teacher and counselor that talked down a shootist who had come into their school to kill?  This is a much better way of handling a shooter in a school than shooting one.  Students are taught mediation practices for solving conflicts and this needs to be continued, not introducing guns into the public schools.

I can see the potential for too many accidents happening.  What if disturbed students are able to get access to guns kept in the classroom?  Do you really think more tragedy will not happen?  If a child has stolen or broken into where the gun is kept and taken it - it's not there for the teacher to use to defend students.    What if, in a moment of anger, students are able to get access to the teacher's gun.  Do you really think more tragedy will not happen?  What if a student who comes from a home where there are no guns is able to access to a gun at school?  Do you really think more tragedy will not happen?  It is no different than Nancy Lanza having a gun at home that Adam was able to get to.  

Kids are not stupid.  They know how to break into things, how to steal, even how to hack into computer systems.  You think kids will not be able to figure out how to get to any guns stored or kept in schools?  Or, are these teachers going to be packing a gun on their person everyday at  all times?  This recommendation by Hutchinson's task force makes no sense to me.

Why has the NRA returned to the "Wild West" attitude as a solution to school killings and mass murders?  Why is their answer to everything associated with trying to make this a peaceful nation MORE GUNS!  Look at the statistics of countries with gun control - Australia, Great Britain to just name two.  They have significantly less murders per year than the U.S.  In the U.S. we have three, four, five times the murders of England, for example.  

The U.S. is the most violent nation on this earth.  When are we going to wake-up and say NO to the NRA. How did the NRA grow to have such influence and power over us all?  I have the right to live in a peaceful, safe society where I do not have to carry a gun to protect myself at all times.  Do I have to move to an Australia or a Great Britain to achieve this?  My own country and the NRA can't come to an agreement or understanding on control of automatic weapons and magazine clips?  The NRA is limiting my rights to a safe, peaceful United States.  Why is that permitted in the land of the free and the brave?