Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Caroline Kennedy for U.S. Ambassador of Japan

Caroline Kennedy, recently tapped to become the new ambassador to Japan.
Caroline Kennedy for U.S. Ambassador of Japan!  There is no one finer person, in my opinion, that President Obama could have tapped for the new ambassador of Japan than Caroline Kennedy.  She has the education, necessary experience and certainly the pedigree to become an ambassador to Japan, a major ambassadorship for our country.  She is class personified.

Today, Caroline Kennedy is an attorney, writer and editor.  She serves on the board of numerous non-profit organizations.  Since 2002, she has been one of two vice chairs of the board of directors of The Fund for Public Schools, which attracts private funding for the public schools of New York City.

From 2002-2004 she was director of the Office of Strategic Partnerships for the New York City Department of Education where she raised $65 million for the city's public schools.

She is presently president of the Kennedy Library Foundation, a member of the New York and Washington, DC bar association, she is  also on the board of Directors of the Commission on Presidential Debates and the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.  And, she and members of her family have created the Profile in Courage Award since 1989 and they annually give the award to a worthy person.

She is married to Edwin Schlossberg, a museum art exhibit designer since 1986 and they  have three children together, Rose, Tatiana, and John.  She retained her name when she was married.  She lives in New York and also owns her mother's former estate on Martha's Vineyard.

Caroline Kennedy certainly knows how to negotiate and work with all kinds of people, and her people skills will come in handy for an ambassadorship in Japan.  Kennedy is described as quiet, thoughtful, and doesn't seek the limelight even though she grew up in it.  She is grounded and well-spoken and would be a wonderful United States ambassasdor in Japan which has a reserved, quiet, thoughtful culture.  This would be the perfect union of country and U.S. ambassador.    Kennedy and Japan would complement each other.

Just as Japan and China are embarking on a conflict over an island near each of their countries -- China wants control of it -- Caroline Kennedy would make a cool, smooth and calm negotiator in this conflict, helping to ease the tensions and stress Japan is embroiled in right now.  She would be able to chart a course where each country maintains friendly ties with the United States and each other.

Caroline Kennedy is someone I have always looked up to as a real leader.   She is truly interested in what's best for our country and not herself.  I believe and have complete confidence that she will carry out her task for our country to the greatest of her ability and potential.  If confirmed by the Senate, Kennedy will be the first woman ambassador to Tokyo.