Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sandcastles of our Minds - a poem

The packed cool, wet sand builds a turret
on the side of a sandcastle

The other side now must be
balanced with another turret

Slowly the sandcastle takes the shape
of the castle of the dreams of the lady so fair

Balanced perfectly as a fortress that holds
the hope, prayers, and dreams of the lady

What impenetrable, strong walls it has 
never to be breached with pain, sadness, or grief

The towers stand tall and strong
holding the enemies envy and jealousy

Captive and unable to ignite
their conflagration of destruction

Oh, how the dungeon holds prisoner
greed, pride and power unable to be unleashed

The walls stand packed firm in the hot sun as in dreams
the walls and moat protect the encroaching tide

But, alas, no matter how strong the walls
the unrelenting tide rolls in and onto the sand castle of the mind

The continuing running tide destroys the walls, towers and dungeons
unleashing the pain, sadness, and grief; the greed, pride and power

Of the world onto the inhabitants who cannot
escape the the invading hoards of enemies

A dreamy sandcastle but a brief memory now
as the sandcastles of our minds

Now consumed with the travesties unleashed
on a castle made of sand.

Copyright (c)  2013  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved