Friday, July 19, 2013

Trayvon Martin - not completely innocent

While we all grieve for Trayvon Martin and his family in his tragic death, I am tired of hearing of "innocent Trayvon" in this incident with George Zimmerman.

Trayvon is not completely innocent in this situation.   Yes, George Zimmerman should not have profiled him and he should have stayed in the car.  And, I do believe George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon, perhaps not racially, but certainly criminally. Zimmerman should not have done this.  Martin was just a teenager walking home from the store.  He was not doing anything wrong at this point in the situation.

However, the situation changed when Martin chose to "sucker-punch" Zimmerman in the face breaking and blooding his nose and bashing his head on the concrete.  These are not the actions of an innocent child.  These are the actions of a teenager trying to kill another human being.  

Martin's mother says he was not a confrontational person, but he certainly confronted Zimmerman in this situation.  It was Zimmerman that was beaten and bloody, not Martin.  While it is tragic that Zimmerman felt the only way to defend himself was with a gun thus fatally shooting Martin, Zimmerman was justified in defending himself any way he could.  

It is interesting that while Zimmerman's background and school records were entered into evidence, we never had any background or school records of Martin entered into evidence.  That is because Martin's school records included suspensions from school, fighting, and photos of him holding guns.  As an underage teenager, Martin is breaking the law by handling or having a gun in his possession.  None of this was permitted to be entered as evidence in the trial.

While I agree, that only this incident should be looked at in trial, the prosecution should not have been able to bring in evidence of Zimmerman's past school records if Martin's were not allowed in.  Of course, the prosecution didn't want any school records of Martin allowed in because it would have shown Martin as violent.

While we grieve for a teenager that is dead and gone from his family, this teenager was not completely innocent in this tragic situation.  Martin could have crossed the street and walked there.  Martin had a cell phone.  Why didn't he call 911 or his parents for help if he felt a 'creepy' man was following him?  

Both Zimmerman and Martin could have avoided this confrontation.  Yes, Zimmerman was the adult, but what could he do once Martin attacked him?
Each of the combatants is responsible for this tragic death.