Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The NBA Commissioner has spoken!

Sterling's girfriend and Sterling at a Clipper's game.

Finally, the NBA Commissioner has spoken out on the Donald Sterling matter of his racist comments and rant.

The NBA Commissioner has confirmed that it definitely was Sterling's voice on the tape.  He stated Sterling's comments were initially shared in private, but these views were made public and they are presently Sterling's views.  The commissioner said no other views by Sterling or his family were spoken to the commissioner.

The commissioner personally apologized to former NBA players, Chuck Cooper, Bill Russell, and Magic Johnson.

The NBA Commissioner leveled the following discipline to Sterling:

  • A lifetime ban from the NBA.  He is banned from attending any practices or games with the LA Clippers or any other NBA teams.  He cannot enter into any player or personnel decisions.  He is banned from all NBA league activities.
  • A fine of $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed by the NBA.  The money will be donated by the NBA to anti-discrimination groups and groups promoting tolerance in the world.
  • Ownership of the team - the commissioner will urge the NBA board of governors to force the sale of the Clippers and the commissioner will do everything in his power to see this happens.  The urging of the process of sale will begin immediately.

The NBA Commissioner stated unequivocally that Sterling's views have no place in the NBA.   He  stated a David Anders immediately investigated the situation by talking to many involved in the situation.  The commissioner said that Sterling acknowledged to him that it was his voice (Sterling's) on the tape.

Finally, there is justice for the LA Clippers' players.

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