Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More Nigerian girls stolen!


Where is the world's moral compass?  I'd like to know. 

 More girls have been stolen from their school to add to the more than 200 girls stolen three weeks ago from a school in Nigeria.  And why were they stolen?

Because these girls dared to attend school.  They dared to get an education.  They dared to better themselves, and their families fully supported this.  These parents wanted their girls to get an education.  This way, they could escape their back country lives and become part of the educated society in Nigeria.

And so what happened?  Evil has prevailed.  Some terrorist or war lord gang burst into the school and at gunpoint stole or kidnapped these girls right out of their desks, their classrooms and from their teachers.  

No one in Nigeria has any idea where these girls are.  They have simply vanished.  And a few days ago, the gang's leaders announced these girls were kidnapped because girls should not be educated.  They further announced the girls are now slaves and will be sold into marriage or into prostitution trafficking.

And what is the world's response?  Silence.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

What is wrong with this world?  How can nearly 300 girls vanish and a war lord of a terrorist group announce that he is against girls being educated (that in itself should have caused world outrage) and then announces they are now slaves, mere chattel, to be sold into marriage or prostitution.  

I am personally outraged by this and outraged that the world sits by and does nothing.  Finally, President Barak Obama has stepped forth and said he is sending help with intelligence gathering to at least find out where the girls are.  Three weeks later?  Many of the girls could be gone by now, their lives ruined by this group of pirates and marauders.  

And, Nigeria is slow in taking help from other nations in finding its girls - its future strength and role models?  My assessment of this is the world is insane.

When it takes three weeks for distraught and devastated Nigerian parents to get the world to respond, there is something wrong with the rest of us.  There is something wrong with the world. Why are these girls not important enough to save? Why are these girls relegated to a brief note on the news?  Why are these girls not a priority to be saved?

Is it because these are girls of color?  Is it because Nigeria is a third world nation?   Is it because they are merely girls?   We can spend millions and billions to search for Malaysian Flight #370, and we should be doing this. But, we ignore the plight of these 300+ girls?

It is unconscionable to me that these girls are not a world priority to rescue.  Where is the UN in all of this?  Why isn't the United Nations on this and sticking on this until all the girls are returned?  What is the point of UNICEF if it doesn't come to the aid of these 300 Nigerian girls?

We are so absorbed in our own world and lives that what is happening in a small African country thousands of miles away is of little consequence to us.  Why should we worry about barefooted Nigerian girls trying to get an education in this world?  

We have to carpool the kids to school,  baseball practice, cheer leading, ballet lessons, piano lessons, band practice and all the other activities our children are involved with.  We have no time to think or care about 300 girls in Nigeria.  

That is exactly what is wrong in the world today.  We are so self-absorbed that we don't notice or care about Nigerian girls kidnapped and turned into slaves living at the whim of terrorist men who are against girls/women being educated.  Keep these Nigerian girls barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  Every woman in the world should be rising up and demanding action in finding and returning these girls to their families and school.

The world's moral compass has gone south - and how sad that is!

Copyright (c)  Suzannah Wolf Walker  all rights reserved