Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Leaderless World on a Day of Mourning

I watched with sadness and heaviness of heart as the Dutch victims of MH 17 returned to the Netherlands at Eindhoven today.  This is a national day of  mourning for all of the Netherlands.  As the coffins were silently taken from the Dutch cargo plane and put in black funeral hearses, this was finally the dignified and poignant honor these bodies deserved since the downing of the plane.

And, where are our world leaders?    Except for the government and royal dignitaries of the Netherlands, none are around.  

The shooting down of and the resulting death for all civilians on MH 17 by Russian separatists backed by Vladimir Putin and Russian arms, is as serious as 9/11 was in the world so many years ago. 

But, where is the outrage?  This is a civilian plane gunned down by Russian terrorists with Putin's fingerprint on the trigger.   Where is the outrage?

For the rest of the world, life goes on as usual.  President Obama is out west campaigning for Democrats and fundraising.  Unconscionable.   For once, the President should be at least in Washington, DC working with world leaders as how to properly respond to this tragedy and debacle.

France is continuing on with their contract with Russia for ship building.  Are you kidding me?
After this has happened?   A civilian airplane gunned down during the Ukranian/Russian war and approximately 300 lives lost because of it?  

With audio tapes of these Russian separatists knowing it was a civilian plane they were shooting down, and gleefully congratulating themselves for their sick action?

The UK and the rest of the European countries remain practically mute over this incident because they have energy contracts with Russia?

The UN - for heaven's sake - the United Nations is taking no action and virtually ignoring this incident has happened?

Tony Blair, we appreciate the words you have spoken against this Russian action, but where is the U.S. and European action?  Actions speak louder than words.

And, the Dutch, for that matter should be taking whatever action it can against Russia and Putin.

But, it is a different world today.  I guess Vladimir Putin, the world bully that he is, has won.  I would think the UN would yank him into International Court and try him for war crimes.  Because, the shooting down of MH 17 is just that - a war crime.  Where is the International Court's indictment of Putin?

Putin is no different than Hitler, Nazi officers of WWII, or Slobodan Milosovic.  These men are monsters and the world just goes on as if nothing has happened.  Oh well, another plane crash, is the atmosphere of the day.

We know that it was the Russian separatists, aided and supplied with military arms by Putin, that did this horrible deed.  There is no doubt about that.  But, today, we live in a leaderless world.

The U.S. and European leaders are burring their heads in the sand.  And, we know what happens when that occurs.  The world situation will only get worse.

Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved