Thursday, July 31, 2014

I am tired of war!

Destruction of Gaza City and Palestian lives.

I am tired of war! 

 I only state what the rest of Americans feel at this time.  Americans are exhausted from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and now in Israel against the Palestinians.  We are all worn out.

 I look at the photo above and my heart goes out to the Palestinians.  But, on the other hand, they are allowing Hamas to use them as human shields.  The Palestinians need to run for the hills and depopulate Gaza City.

The Israeli's and Palestinians really have been at war all my life.  This is a religious war - the Jewish religion vs the Islamic religion - and religious wars never end.  This is really just a continuation of the medieval Crusades.  

Once the Jewish people were granted a land and built a state in 1948, the Palestinians have been crying how unfair that is.  Well, when the Palestinians had the land to themselves, they did nothing to build a state of their own.

The Israeli's did do something with the land, building the great state of Israel, and so now the Palestinians want to destroy and wipe out Israel and all the Jewish people.  There will not be peace in this area of the world as both sides incite the other into war.

Hamas and the Palestinians lob missiles into Israel whenever they feel like it, trying to pound Israel out of the ground.  They have taken much needed concrete and building materials to build tunnels into Israel so they can kidnap, kill and torture Israelis.   They hope the Israeli's will give up at the guerrilla tactics they use against them and voluntarily leave.  That's not going to happen.

 Why aren't they building schools, mosques, industry, companies and stores with their building materials?  Because they are devoted only to destroying Israel even if it means the death of so many Palestinians.  It is not just the Israeli's killing Palestinians, it is Hamas who seems to control the PLO that is also killing their own Palestinians through these fruitless wars.

Israel, on the other hand, has a right to defend themselves against these missiles from the Gaza strip and from the Hamas constructed tunnels into their country.  But, on the little land the Palestinians have, the Gaza strip and the West Bank, the Israelis won't leave them alone.  By the Israeli's harassing the Palestinians,  the Israeli's hope the Palestinians will give up and voluntarily leave.  That's not going to happen.

The Israeli's won't leave the Palestinians alone and have initiated all kinds of harsh rules and regulations against the Palestinians.  The Israeli's don't want the Palestinians to thrive or lead modern lives.  The Israeli's keep the Palestinians subjugated and from leading modern lives as the rest of the world does.  The Israeli's cry that they are the ones for peace.  But, really they are not or they would ease up on the rules and regulations under which the Palestinians must live, so that hate and resentment does not build up in the Palestinians against the Israeli's.  The Golden Rule would work wonders here.

Will there ever be peace between the Israeli's and Palestinians?  I don't think so.  They play a game of tit for tat and neither side will back down.  I see no common ground between the two religions or between the two countries.  Even a two state solution will not work as both sides will continue to try to destroy one another and/or run the other one out of this area.

For humanities' sake is never taken into consideration between either side.  We also are coming into an era of world politics where the leaders of the U.S. and western Europe have no say and no sway in affecting the war between these two races of people or other wars around the world.   It is frustrating to watch Secretary of State John Kerry so ineffective on his quests for cease fires and peace here and around the world.

Both the Israeli's and the Palestinians have the right to live and thrive in this world.  Both religions are valid.  But, each country must change their mindset of which they want to completely destroy one another.

Until both countries change their mindset and come up with a new paradigm of thinking, there will never be peace.

Copyright (c)  2014   Suzannah Wolf Walker