Thursday, July 31, 2014

I am tired of war!

Destruction of Gaza City and Palestian lives.

I am tired of war! 

 I only state what the rest of Americans feel at this time.  Americans are exhausted from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine and now in Israel against the Palestinians.  We are all worn out.

 I look at the photo above and my heart goes out to the Palestinians.  But, on the other hand, they are allowing Hamas to use them as human shields.  The Palestinians need to run for the hills and depopulate Gaza City.

The Israeli's and Palestinians really have been at war all my life.  This is a religious war - the Jewish religion vs the Islamic religion - and religious wars never end.  This is really just a continuation of the medieval Crusades.  

Once the Jewish people were granted a land and built a state in 1948, the Palestinians have been crying how unfair that is.  Well, when the Palestinians had the land to themselves, they did nothing to build a state of their own.

The Israeli's did do something with the land, building the great state of Israel, and so now the Palestinians want to destroy and wipe out Israel and all the Jewish people.  There will not be peace in this area of the world as both sides incite the other into war.

Hamas and the Palestinians lob missiles into Israel whenever they feel like it, trying to pound Israel out of the ground.  They have taken much needed concrete and building materials to build tunnels into Israel so they can kidnap, kill and torture Israelis.   They hope the Israeli's will give up at the guerrilla tactics they use against them and voluntarily leave.  That's not going to happen.

 Why aren't they building schools, mosques, industry, companies and stores with their building materials?  Because they are devoted only to destroying Israel even if it means the death of so many Palestinians.  It is not just the Israeli's killing Palestinians, it is Hamas who seems to control the PLO that is also killing their own Palestinians through these fruitless wars.

Israel, on the other hand, has a right to defend themselves against these missiles from the Gaza strip and from the Hamas constructed tunnels into their country.  But, on the little land the Palestinians have, the Gaza strip and the West Bank, the Israelis won't leave them alone.  By the Israeli's harassing the Palestinians,  the Israeli's hope the Palestinians will give up and voluntarily leave.  That's not going to happen.

The Israeli's won't leave the Palestinians alone and have initiated all kinds of harsh rules and regulations against the Palestinians.  The Israeli's don't want the Palestinians to thrive or lead modern lives.  The Israeli's keep the Palestinians subjugated and from leading modern lives as the rest of the world does.  The Israeli's cry that they are the ones for peace.  But, really they are not or they would ease up on the rules and regulations under which the Palestinians must live, so that hate and resentment does not build up in the Palestinians against the Israeli's.  The Golden Rule would work wonders here.

Will there ever be peace between the Israeli's and Palestinians?  I don't think so.  They play a game of tit for tat and neither side will back down.  I see no common ground between the two religions or between the two countries.  Even a two state solution will not work as both sides will continue to try to destroy one another and/or run the other one out of this area.

For humanities' sake is never taken into consideration between either side.  We also are coming into an era of world politics where the leaders of the U.S. and western Europe have no say and no sway in affecting the war between these two races of people or other wars around the world.   It is frustrating to watch Secretary of State John Kerry so ineffective on his quests for cease fires and peace here and around the world.

Both the Israeli's and the Palestinians have the right to live and thrive in this world.  Both religions are valid.  But, each country must change their mindset of which they want to completely destroy one another.

Until both countries change their mindset and come up with a new paradigm of thinking, there will never be peace.

Copyright (c)  2014   Suzannah Wolf Walker

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Leaderless World on a Day of Mourning

I watched with sadness and heaviness of heart as the Dutch victims of MH 17 returned to the Netherlands at Eindhoven today.  This is a national day of  mourning for all of the Netherlands.  As the coffins were silently taken from the Dutch cargo plane and put in black funeral hearses, this was finally the dignified and poignant honor these bodies deserved since the downing of the plane.

And, where are our world leaders?    Except for the government and royal dignitaries of the Netherlands, none are around.  

The shooting down of and the resulting death for all civilians on MH 17 by Russian separatists backed by Vladimir Putin and Russian arms, is as serious as 9/11 was in the world so many years ago. 

But, where is the outrage?  This is a civilian plane gunned down by Russian terrorists with Putin's fingerprint on the trigger.   Where is the outrage?

For the rest of the world, life goes on as usual.  President Obama is out west campaigning for Democrats and fundraising.  Unconscionable.   For once, the President should be at least in Washington, DC working with world leaders as how to properly respond to this tragedy and debacle.

France is continuing on with their contract with Russia for ship building.  Are you kidding me?
After this has happened?   A civilian airplane gunned down during the Ukranian/Russian war and approximately 300 lives lost because of it?  

With audio tapes of these Russian separatists knowing it was a civilian plane they were shooting down, and gleefully congratulating themselves for their sick action?

The UK and the rest of the European countries remain practically mute over this incident because they have energy contracts with Russia?

The UN - for heaven's sake - the United Nations is taking no action and virtually ignoring this incident has happened?

Tony Blair, we appreciate the words you have spoken against this Russian action, but where is the U.S. and European action?  Actions speak louder than words.

And, the Dutch, for that matter should be taking whatever action it can against Russia and Putin.

But, it is a different world today.  I guess Vladimir Putin, the world bully that he is, has won.  I would think the UN would yank him into International Court and try him for war crimes.  Because, the shooting down of MH 17 is just that - a war crime.  Where is the International Court's indictment of Putin?

Putin is no different than Hitler, Nazi officers of WWII, or Slobodan Milosovic.  These men are monsters and the world just goes on as if nothing has happened.  Oh well, another plane crash, is the atmosphere of the day.

We know that it was the Russian separatists, aided and supplied with military arms by Putin, that did this horrible deed.  There is no doubt about that.  But, today, we live in a leaderless world.

The U.S. and European leaders are burring their heads in the sand.  And, we know what happens when that occurs.  The world situation will only get worse.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The State of the World

President Obama and Vladimir Putin at the G8 Summit in 2013.  A photo is worth a thousand words.

Until this time in history, I never realized how important the United States is as leader of the free world and the world as a whole.  The world seems to be crashing down between our feet and I have to say it is because we do not have strong leadership from the U.S.

While I have always admired President Obama and I believe he is sincerely a compassionate and caring man, he does not have strong leadership skills.  Is that all his fault?  Yes and no.

Last year when he drew the red line in the sand over Syria and her chemical weapons and then dithered for what seemed forever and then did nothing, only gave a signal to the world and Vladimir Putin specifically, that we were weak.  And Putin has taken full advantage of that point in time.  

On the other hand, everything President Obama tries to do, from securing our American economy to being a world leader, he is opposed and brought down by our own Congress.  If Congress cannot stand behind him, what else is the world to think but that he is weak.

What happened to the days when Congress stood behind the President in times of crises and  world situations by putting politics aside?  Those days are gone.  We fight among ourselves instead of standing strong against the enemies of the world.

We have five major crises going on simultaneously now in the world:
  • The Ukraine/Russian situation
  • The Malaysian Airlines tragedy and debacle
  • The Israeli/Palestine situation in the Gaza strip
  • The influx of immigrant children and families on our border with Mexico.
  • The Iraq/ISIS conflagration 
And, there are minor crises all over the world, Somalia, Myanmar, Syria, China, and N. Korea that can blow up into major crises at any time.

All these crises are the result of the world perceiving the United States and the western European nations as being weak.

Vladimir Putin is the world's bully and no one is standing up to him.  The Europeans are afraid of Russia and Putin because they have energy and trade deals with him, that if broken, will bring economic hardship on Europeans lifestyles.  

With Russia marching into Ukraine and taking back Crimea, what and who is to prevent Putin from doing that to any of the other European nations for that matter?  Should we be bracing for a third world war or a complete take-over of any countries Putin feels he deserves?  Are we looking at another Hitler?

The Malaysian Airline Flight 17 that was shot down is just one more feather in Putin's cap.  If the western world is waiting for Putin to admit it was a mistake and for an apology, it will not be forthcoming.  Putin does not apologize.  He does and takes what he wants, but he does not apologize.  To apologize is a sign of weakness to Putin.

We have lost some of the greatest scientists and doctors working to end the HIV/AIDS scourge in this world.  This loss is incalculable to the entire world.  We are destroying ourselves as a world by not being strong at the important times in world history.

One thing Putin should realize, is that the Israeli's suffer no fools.  They take direct and positive reaction when they are attacked, even when they are attacked by those less powerful than themselves like the Palestinians.  

This is also a lesson the United States can learn from the Israeli's.  Direct, positive, and military response the Israeli's have always had when they are threatened.  Had we put NATO or U.S. troops on the Ukrainian side of the borders when Russian forces gathered there, the Ukrainian situation might not have spun out of control and the Malaysian Airlines disaster might have been avoided.

The only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him.  That is why Putin is getting away with what he does in the world.  He perceives the U.S. as weak and gutless.  We are not standing up to the world's bully.  Obviously, the sanctions the U.S. and western Europe have taken against Putin are making no hardship on the Russian nation, although Putin would not care if they were.

The Central American countries are crying out to us to be compassionate and take care of the children fleeing from the terror of out-of-control gangs that are running their countries.   With our borders that are like sieves which anyone can get through, we have only ourselves to blame for part of this crisis.

We can't take in all the oppressed and helpless that come to our borders, but on the other hand, how can we return innocent children to be taken in by these horrid gangs marauding their countries?

I don't have all the answers to solving these crises, but where are those in government than can solves these problems?  It is just as important for Congress to step up to the plate as it is the President, but all each other does is point fingers of blame.

I used to think the U.S. was in decline, but now I see the entire world is in decline and who will stem this?  Who will stop this?   Who will deal with these crises?

Copyright  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker  all rights reserved.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I read these poets

who bare their souls                                                              

with the depth of their poetry

that's how it goes.

As I write - my hand goes limp

I can't begin to scratch out words                                                   
to describe my crying heart.

So strange - I can't begin to

create the words to

release my pain - contained

in a vessel dark and deep 


Dull notes press against my head

but no music plays.

Just twisted notes clang and shrill

fill my body until I can no longer stand                                     

it.  There  is no rhythm  to the notes

The grating noise brings me no nearer

to meaning that I can write.

If only the noise would be still.



Only then can I find the strength to 


Still - and again my hand goes limp.

The pealing of bells finally awakens me.

I stare at my blank page and 

try to begin again.

Copyright  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker    all rights reserved

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Welcome Back LeBron James

Welcome back, LeBron James!  Cleveland is happy to have you return home.  I am too.  I am one of the few people who was happy for you when you went to Miami.  Why?  Because you had given seven years of your life playing basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  With the decisions the owner and managers were making for the team there was not a championship win in sight here in Cleveland.

You needed to stretch your wings and experience another team with a different approach to basketball and winning.  I encouraged your move to Miami and I was excited for you.  You knew you were capable of winning an NBA championship and you went for it.   I knew you would learn a lot about basketball and winning,  but most importantly you would learn about life and about yourself.  And, I was right.

Every person needs to leave home to grow and mature and see life from a different perspective.  You have achieved all that by going to Miami.  I am proud that you know your roots and who you are and did not get whooshed up in the Miami night life.  Your time in Miami helped to mold you into the fine person you are today.  You should be proud of yourself.

You heartfelt essay in Sports Illustrated proves my point.  I believe your essay to be sincere and genuine.  I think you do miss northeast Ohio and I think you do want to be a role model who is loyal to his hometown and area fans.  Your essay is a classy touch on the whole decision.

When others bemoaned your leaving Cleveland, I reminded them you returned each summer to work for your charities and do your bike-a-thon, in which you gave a bicycle to each young boy or girl who took part in your bike-a-thon.  Many here were quick to ignore or forget that you returned here each summer and did your bit for charities.

The fact that you kept your house here in Bath, Ohio signaled to me you would one day return to northeast Ohio.  I am glad it was sooner rather than later.

While in Miami, I am glad you did not get caught up in the superficial lifestyle that so many live there.  You have always been a fine role model for young children to look up to.  And, I know your own family is important to you and was important in your final decision.

I realize your time in Miami has helped to define you as a person and as a basketball player and was a good experience for you.  I think you also realize that talent alone does not define the man.  There are so many aspects of your personality and life experiences that make the man.

I hope you can come to Cleveland and win a NBA championship.  You realize that is not an easy feat and are so realistic this time around.  It takes hard work and teamwork to win a championship and it does not happen overnight.

 As you said, nothing is given, all is earned.  Welcome home!

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Immigration Mess

Honduras children on the U.S./Mexican border waiting for help.

What a mess!   We have thousands of undocumented children and families on our U.S. border with Mexico.  Most are from Honduras and they are seeking shelter from the brutal and ruthless gangs that are sweeping their country torturing, raping and pillaging.  Of course these people would leave their country and look for safety and shelter here in the U.S.  I would do the same if the tables were turned.

But, we cannot take all these children and families in.  It seems cruel to see them bused back to Honduras, but what else can our country do?  There is no way we can absorb all of them at once.  My heart cries out for these unfortunate children and families.

Where are the other countries of the world to step up to the plate and help with this crisis?  Why can't Mexico take some of these Honduras children?  What about the other Latin American countries:  Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and South American countries for that matter?

Why does it always have to be the U.S.?  I realized some of these children have parents/grandparents and other family in the U.S. and are hoping to be reunited with them. Those children we can help.  But, why must the U.S. always be the one to help?  Why can't these other nations help out in this humanitarian crisis?

And, now, House Speaker Boehner is going to sue President Obama over this immigration crisis not of the President's making?  Our congress has gone mad.  

Why hasn't congress stepped up to the plate and come up with some immigration reform legislation to handle this problem on our border with Mexico?  It takes time for a lawsuit to wind through the court system, because we know each side will appeal if they do not prevail and take it all the way to the Supreme Court, and this will take years.  President Obama could be out of office by the time this case gets to the Supreme Court.

President Obama is the executive branch of our government.  He is doing his job by executing executive orders on immigration because congress will not do anything to help.  I can't believe there is this much dislike and hatred of President Obama by our congress that they will not do what is in the best interests of our country and insist on going after our president.  

Our government and congress has hit an all time low.  We have absolutely no leadership in congress.  House Speaker Boehner has to go.  

The immaturity of our government is unconscionable.  It is only when we work TOGETHER that anything is accomplished.  Our country looks ridiculous to the rest of the nations of the world.  If we can't get it together how can we expect the U.S. to be looked at as the leader of the world of nations? 

Update:  7/11/2014  Apparently, House Speaker Boehner is going to sue President Obama over the Affordable Care Act - President Obama is using an executive order to hold off implementing the ACA for small businesses for one year.  This is the issue that Boehner thinks is his best chance for winning the case.  WE ARE SUING OURSELVES, BOEHNER, WITH THIS RIDICULOUS LAWSUIT.  STOP IT NOW!

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