Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Jihadist Snake

Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook

We now have two more faces to add to our growing list of radicalized Islamic terrorists. Two more who hated America and Americans.  Two more who murdered and died for what they believed was the 'right and only' religion for the world.

When will this stop?  As long as we continue what we are doing it will not stop.

The San Bernardino Shootings

Malik and Farook by all means, at first glance, were a normal American couple with a six month old child.  They worked hard, were good parents, were good neighbors and seemed to fit in well with their San Bernardino neighbors.  In fact, neighbors say they were just like the rest of those in the neighborhood.

There is no evidence the couple were members of a militant group or a radicalized Islamic group.  Malik, however, had destroyed the hard drive of her computer before the attacks. ISIS has not taken credit for this attack, but has applauded it.

We now know them to be radicalized Islamic terrorists after a search of their home.  A home where Farook's mother lived with them and their child.  A search of the home found 4,500 bullets and twelve pipe bombs and more equipment to build more bombs.  They did this surreptitiously, apparently under the nose of the mother.  How the mother did not know about all this is difficult to believe.

FBI investigators have concluded that both of them had planned this attack for a while because of the arsenal they found in the home.

The family has said they are as shocked as the rest of us and the bother-in-law of Farook said the family had no knowledge of them being so violent and wanting to kill.  He said he was in as much shock over this as the rest of the nation.  He described Malik was a "caring and soft spoken" woman.

The brother-in-law of Syed Farook.

So, what went wrong?  Malik and Farook seemed to be living the American dream.  Was there really animosity at work or did Farook set up an incident to give a cursory reason for the bloody attack?  Why bring a child into the world if terrorism was their goal or was the child just a prop to make them look like the normal San Bernardino couple?

The people carrying out these terrorist attacks are intelligent, cunning and sophisticated people. They know how to travel, how to appear normal, how to enter the country and how to stay under the radar so they are not suspected before making their attacks. 

So how do we stop these types of terrorists and other terrorists under the command of ISIS?

No amount of background checks are going to stop them all as is the case here. When Malik and Farook came into this country, background checks were made but there were no red flags so they were admitted.

We have to stop ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  Until we make the fight there and vanquish them there, until we cut off the head of the snake, the rest of the world will be bedeviled by ISIS, Al Queda and other terrorist organizations with no respite.  Until we cut off the head of the snake it will continue to produce and produce more and more terrorists.

We need a world-wide coalition of armies and NATO to stop ISIS in its tracks.  No one wants war, but that is why the western world has armies - to protect us in times of attack. We are being attacked by guerrilla warfare, but we are still under attack.   


And, our armies stand by.  We send 'advisers and trainers' to the armies in Syria and Iraq but it is certainly not enough. The Syrian rebels and Iraqi army are not able to stop ISIS or they would already have done so.   If the western world does not do more than air strikes and bombs, the terrorists will NOT stop.  They will not stop until WE stop them.

In the meantime we have fourteen more Americans dead and twenty-one more Americans wounded.

It is just as important to keep Americans safe from terrorist guerrilla warfare as it was to keep America safe during WWII.  We were attacked then; we are being attacked now. There were less American casualties after the bombing of Pearl Harbor than there were after the bombing of the Twin Towers.

The western world is forever catching up to ISIS rather than being in the lead and beheading the snake once and for all.

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