Monday, December 7, 2015

"We will overcome it." President Obama 12/6/15

President Obama speaking to the nation about ISIS. (12/6/15)
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I was not particularly inspired by Obama's speech last night.  I was hoping for tougher talk and tougher measures taken to vanquish ISIS.  What I heard was more of the same and talk of staying the course.  

President Obama reiterated the strategy we have been using in the U.S. against ISIS: airstrikes, special forces, and working with local forces who are fighting to regain control of their own country.  He believes this "will gain a more sustainable victory."

In the meantime that does not help with the nervousness Americans feel after the San Bernardino shootings and murders.  Despite the strategy we are using against ISIS, it is clear that extremist Islamic terrorist attacks are happening in the U.S. now.  It is clear that so far this strategy is not working.  

How do we know San Bernardino will not happen again?  We don't. How do we know more Americans will not be murdered while Obama plays his long game in the middle east?  We don't.

I hope his strategy works, but I have my doubts.  ISIS seems to be three steps ahead of the western nations and we all seem to be behind the eight ball.

There is so much confusion and chaos in Iraq and Syria that millions of its citizens are leaving as refugees rather than stay and fight ISIS.  They are frightened of retaliation from ISIS if they do fight and I can't say I blame them.   

He spoke of establishing a time line to pursue a cease-fire and a political resolution to the Syrian war.  Apparently Secretary of State John Kerry is setting this up in the middle east in hopes of getting those countries on our side to fight.  Good luck with that.

Obama wants the Muslim communities world wide to root out hate in Muslim communities and said Muslims must address this globally. I don't think enough of that has been happening.  Good luck with that.  

Saudi Arabia, supposedly our ally in the middle east, practices a branch of Sunni Islam called Wahhabism.  It began as a reform movement and is very strict and ultraconservative. Saudi Arabian women have little rights and cannot drive cars or go anywhere without a male escort. Our ally is not exactly the best example of the Islamic religion.

He also wants stronger screening of those who come to America without visas.  He wants national security to take a hard look at whether they have traveled to war zones.  What will he do with those he finds who have?

Can we create educational programs and job creation for Muslim adolescents and young people.  Can we do this before young Muslims become radicalized?   We need to offer them more than what they will find with ISIS.  We must find programs that will empower them instead of ignoring them.

Can we oversee social media and counter ISIS' recruiting by having recruiting of our own? Again, something more to offer these young people than a death cult and suicide bombings?  We must take concrete steps in this area.

There were some good points to his speech and those I do agree with.  We can't blame all Muslims for what ISIS is doing.  I agree that we must remember to treat all with human dignity as we are all equal in God's eyes.

Obama said we cannot abandon our values as an American nation and give into fear.  I agree with that.  Americans of every faith must reject discrimination and we cannot turn against one another.

He said he wants authorization from Congress to go after ISIS to show America's unity and resolve.  Good luck with that too.  

Congress does need to step up and do its part in this fight against ISIS as well.   But we are in a presidential campaign.  Will politicians do what is right, good, and safe for America or just be concerned with their own individual situations?  Good luck with that.

Again, Obama called on Congress to enact gun laws so that potential terrorists on FBI lists cannot purchase guns here in the U.S.  I would think so.

But, how do we stop the garden variety of terrorists like Malik and Farook who lived under the radar here in San Bernardino while all the time cunningly planning a terrorist attack.

If it can happen in San Bernardino it can happen anywhere.  That is why Americans are so nervous.

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