Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama's Speech - the day after


President Obama came through with a tough but kind speech last night and offered the American Jobs Act Bill to Congress and the American people.  He did not disappoint.  President Obama has charted the road this country must take back to greatness.  President Obama has lead.  Finally.

With an inspiring but tough speech, President Obama gave the American people what they needed and wanted to hear last night.  A jobs recovery bill.  Finally, we were able to hear a substantive and specific bill for Congress to pass that will help to jolt this country out of its economic malaise.  President Obama gave the American people a chance to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and move on from the terrible nightmare of the deficit debacle and economic stagnation.
The bill, with a price tag of $450 billion, will help to put public workers, teachers, construction workers and small business owners back to work.  It will help with the much needed repair of our infrastructure.  President Obama even mentioned the specific bridge, which I drive on my way to Florida, that spans the Ohio River between Ohio and Kentucky, that would be repaired.  It is crumbling.  This particular bridge needs so much work and revision and rebuilding as it carries literally millions of cars daily.  (I71/75).   This bill also includes transportation  projects, payroll tax cuts, taxes for the wealthy, and a public school building revision and rebuilding plan.  President Obama wants to put teachers back into the classroom in every state in the union.  This is near and dear to my heart being a former teacher.  He wants to pay for this by MORE SPENDING CUTS in the budget, which should make Republicans happy.  He wants to reform the entitlement programs:  Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, but doesn't want to scrap them altogether.  This is a balanced, intelligent bill.

Now, comes the hard part.  Will the House of Representatives pass this bill?  Or, will they continue with their politics of "no" and hostage taking of this country?  I sincerely hope not, otherwise, they can kiss the 2012 elections goodbye.  We, the people, are angry enough to vote out any politician who plays the gamesmanship politics we have seen over this summer.  Are you listening Tea Partiers?

President Obama, to his credit, is still fighting for bipartianship between the two political parties. Personally, I would have given up on this long ago.  But, he has a vision and he's sticking to it.  Good for President Obama.  Now, will the Republican Party step up to the plate and deliver the goods?
I realize, no bill is perfect, and I'm sure the Republicans in Congress will go over it with a fine tooth comb.  And, perhaps, there will be parts of the bill that need revision by Republicans.  But, the bottom line is:  this is a good bill for our country.  It needs to be passed and passed as soon as possible.  No filibustering, no games; just darn hard work by Congress to pass this and get America moving again on the road to recovery.  America CAN be great again!
I will be looking for positive action by Congress, not stick in the mud, spinning our wheels politics as usual.  The president is going on a country-wide tour to bring this bill to the American people.  I for one will support our president and it is time for Congress to do the same, because, when they support the president, they are really supporting "we, the people."  It is far time for the politics of hatred and intrangency to end.

This American Jobs Act Bill must be passed, otherwise, Congress will plunge this country back into darkness and the middle ages of the 21st century.