Friday, November 8, 2013

Spansh Moss - haiku

Spanish Moss growing in an old oak tree.Pin It
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Spanish Moss growing in an old oak tree.
Source: wikipedia

Spanish Moss

Dripping down, down, down
Ages of leaves and flowers
Telling an old tale.

Frogyfish, this one is for you. I found out that Spanish Moss is really a flower that grows mostly in oak trees. It is both a leaf and a flower that is very difficult to see from far away. You have to be on top of the moss to actually see the spindly flower that grows among the leaves. The leaves and flowers hang on tree branches and it literally "jumps" from tree to tree to bloom in it. It is like voluptuous hair growing among the branches of the oak tree. It grows in hot, humid climates and is very popular in the south, especially in Florida.
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Spanish Moss up close.
Spanish Moss up close.
Source: wikipedia