Friday, November 8, 2013

The Affordable Care Act - a successful quest

Can we all calm down over the Affordable Care Act?  Can we all stop the vitriolic attacks against President Obama over the ACA?  The venom spewed at him over this is unprecedented in history.  Stop the hate!

Life is not perfect and it is not a perfect world we live in.  Stuff happens.  While I agree that those in charge of creating the ACA web-site should have been more diligent, responsible, and in the know, let's stop crucifying President Obama.  Let's just get the site fixed, for heaven's sake.

One thing that has really bothered me are those saying President Obama lied when he said that people with health insurance would be able to keep theirs with the ACA.  He was not lying.

I, for one, had heath insurance before the ACA went into effect, I like my health insurance, the ACA is not raising the price of my health insurance, nor is my health insurance dropping me; therefore, I am able to keep my health insurance despite the ACA and nothing dreadful is happening to me or my health insurance.  So, President Obama HAS NOT LIED.

I am sure there are millions just like me, but you do not hear about them.  There are people that I am sure are being dropped or the price of their health insurance is raised because of the ACA.  But, that is because their health insurance does not cover as it is legally mandated under the ACA stipulations.

The news media also is jumping on the bandwagon by only covering those that are loosing their health insurance or the price is raising because they are not fully covered.  

The news media needs to search out people like me to give a balanced view of what is really happening with health insurance in this country.  The media needs to find the people who are not experiencing any change in their health insurance and are able to keep it despite the ACA.

While I truly have empathy for those whose lives are being disrupted by the implementation of the ACA, there are those whose lives are not being disrupted and these stories need to come out too.

The ACA is not a perfect bit of legislation and law.  But, it is better than having nothing to cover the millions of people who have not had health insurance at all.   Health insurance must also cover those with pre-existing conditions now.  That is a wonderful change the ACA has brought.

On October 2, I got on the federal government web-site to have a look at it.  I successfully signed up for an account, even thought I don't need one, and was able to get access to the competitive shopping area and saw the different types of health insurance and the prices.  I originally started my quest at about 9 pm and got on the site at about 10 pm and by the time I was finished looking at what was offered it was about 11:15 pm.

Therefore, many people are able to get on the site, sign in for an account and view the information, but you just don't hear about the successful stories.   I wanted to compare the ACA insurance to mine and mine was similar in price and coverage to what is offered on the web-site.   And I was able to see my health insurance coverage is at the gold level according to the site.   Yes, it took about two hours and fifteen minutes to complete the whole quest.

I realize millions of Americans have not been as fortunate as I was to get on the web-site.  I did have to wait, about an hour, before I could actually get on the site.  I agree that signing up for an account took some time and energy on my part, but no more than the time I spend on any other site opening accounts.   Yes, it worked slowly and I had to wait, but again, not more than any other site out there.  

Let's focus on the positive aspects of this new law and work to make the web-site more user friendly.  Let's not only see the negative aspects and tear down the law and President Obama.  And, guess what?  There is choice in this ACA - this is what everyone wanted rather than a single payer health insurance plan for this country, and we have it.  

The majority in this nation want the ACA or Obamacare, whichever you choose to call it.  That's why Obama was re-elected as president.  Let's move our country forward and stop spinning our wheels in the mud and moaning and fighting over change.

I believe the ACA is going to be successful, the web-site will become user-friendly, and life will go on here in the 'ol USA, with our nation finally having health insurance coverage for everyone.  

And, please, stop picking on the President.

Copyright (c)  2013   Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved