Friday, November 8, 2013

Tropical Florida Rain - a poem

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A Florida Drenching

Raindrops drenching straight down
upon the brimming swail.

Palm trees stagger as plants flatten
in the downpour.

The golf course fills as a river
flowing downstream.

Nature is lost and vacant
as the streams of rain
drum down on the ground.

Puddles become ponds of water - no
other place to go.

The sand's parched lips gulp down the rain;
Large swallows that evaporate and then regurgle.

A gray haze spreads across the sky
as far as the eye can see.

The breeze turns cold as the stream
slackens back to raindrops that patter
on the ground.

Softly, the rain eases and the cold breeze
whispers "ahhhh" across the gray haze
as limp palm trees perk up and sway again.

Life returns as haze and clouds slowly depart;
blue sky peeks through and all is well again.

by Suzannah Wolf Walker Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

A wet interlude

There is something about Florida rains that fascinate me. In the winter months they come on slowly, become hard, straight rains, but are not threatening. Absent are the booms and crashes as in a summer thunderstorm. Nature vanishes during these hard rains, then reappears when the rain ceases. For no more than half an hour, the sky is gray and dark, but not frightening, and the rains come fast and strong. The earth slurps up the badly needed water gratefully. The rains slacken and the gray haze and clouds slowly dissipate as the blue sky begins to break through followed by the glorious sun. Birds return chirping and golf balls again whiff down the fairway as the day returns to normal after the wet interlude.