Sunday, August 4, 2013


What is a monoku, you ask?  It is a one line poem ~ a variation on the Japanese haiku written in English.  It is one line of seventeen syllables or less and the first word of the line is not capitalized and is written in lower case.

It is the most economical and shortest poem I know of.  It usually contains a caesura (a pause) that is dictated by sense or speech rhythm with little or no punctuation.  It became popular in the 1970's when many world-wide poets began to write them.  

Some examples:

an icicle -- a moon drifting through it  ~ Marlene Mountain

listen to the pause - silence is golden ~

she knew of longing - this dream of love, alone ~ Jack Jordan, Poetry Soup

Here are some of my monoku:

snow capped mountains protective arms ~ suzette walker

grass threading reaching for the sunlight ~ suzette walker

cups full of sunshine calla lilies breath ~ suzette walker

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