Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Anarchy Reigns!

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It is embarrassing to be an American this morning as our federal government has been shutdown by BOTH the Congress and the President as of this past midnight.    Yes, anarchy reigns in the U.S.

What has happened to democracy in the U.S?  We lurch from crisis to crisis not able to come to consensus on how to handle our disagreements and problems.  No one is innocent in this fiasco.

Representative Boehner, get your Republicans under control.  Whip those tea partiers into line and make them stop holding the rest of us hostage to their pea-brain ideas.  FACT:  The Affordable Care Act is law!  It is not going away.  Yes, it probably does need tweaked, but that can be done as we move forward as a country.  Everyone in this country needs to be covered medically.  I am tired, as a medically covered American, paying through my premiums, for those with no insurance.  

Tea partiers, stop dragging us back into the 20th century.  This is the 21st century and certain areas of American life, for example, medical insurance, need to be a reality for EVERYONE in this country.  And, who do you think you are having special congressional medical insurance not available to the rest of us?

President Obama, while I admire you for getting the Affordable Care Act passed in congress and seeing that all people are covered medically whether they  have pre-existing conditions or not, you must face the fact that there are areas that do need to be tweaked.  Start meeting with and compromising with congress on this issue.

A shutdown illustrates to the world how dysfunctional our government really is and everyone, Republicans and Democrats, are responsible for this reprehensible act. Stop playing the blame game and giving inexcusable excuses and do your jobs.  

There are Americans waking up this morning to furloughs (lay-offs) and have to scramble to determine where money is going to come from to pay their bills.  Mr. President and congress, you have let down 800,000 or more of your constituents. Everyone in this country needs their paychecks and everyone gets economically further and further behind when they do not have paychecks coming in.

This issue and the debt ceiling should be no brainers for congress and the president. We have racked up these bills - now pay them!    I do not want to see the full faith and credit of the United States downgraded yet again!  How can we expect to be taken as a serious leader in this world if we can't get our own house in order?

Why should Syria or anyone else in the world listen to us?  We look ridiculous to the rest of the world.  There are third world nations that have their business in better order than the U.S.

A government shutdown is only adding to the confusion of the economic world markets.  We are dragging down the world instead of uplifting it and bringing security to all nations, let alone our own nation.  

We are destroying ourselves from within.  This is not a threat from terrorists or another unscrupulous country - we are doing this to ourselves.  When we keep repeating the same behavior and getting the same response, that is INSANITY.


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