Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stop the Insanity!

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Stop the Insanity!  We are self-destructing as a nation!  We cannot continue in this government shutdown!  Everyone must get to work to stop this nonsense.  Stop playing the blame game.  The maturity level of everyone in DC is that of two-year-olds!

Obamacare, no matter how much anyone disagrees with it is LAW!  The majority of the nation likes that LAW because as a nation we elected Barak Obama as President in 2012.  The Supreme Court has upheld that LAW.

I don't care how many flaws are in the Affordable Care Act LAW, we have national medical insurance.  Republicans get over it and work with President Obama to implement this law instead of trying to get rid of it.  You have no right to run interference on something the majority of the nation wants. 

 If it were up to me I would have one supplier medical insurance for everyone - Medicare for all people in our nation.  I am not completely happy with Obamacare, but I have to compromise so all people in our nation are covered.  Grow Up people!

Teabaggers, stop the hissie fits and stop acting like two-year-olds having temper tantrums.  John Boehner, if you don't like the ad the Dems are running at a football game in your home town, then end the shutdown showdown.  What is the matter with you, John Boehner?  Have you lost your mind?

Paul Rand, you think you and the Republicans are winning?  Are you nuts?  We are all losing - there are no winners in this type of confrontation, hostage taking and extortion.  As a nation, we are losing - there are no winners in this situation!  This is a lose-lose proposition and situation.

It is the job of congress to pass a budget and raise the debt ceiling.  This message is to both John Boehner and Harry Reid.  Both of you, get off your butts, and do your jobs.

President Obama - LEAD, for crying out loud!   You are in charge and this is happening on your watch!  If the average, middle-class American approached his/her job as you all have been doing, the average, middle-class American would be FIRED from their job.  

And, each of you major players and the rest of congress deserved to be FIRED from your jobs, because you are not doing your jobs!

How can we, as average, middle-class Americans get through to you?  At the ballot box.  Moderate Republicans, why are you not revolting and getting rid of John Boehner who obviously cannot lead his party.  You are just as responsible too for all this. 


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