Friday, October 11, 2013

Malala Yousafzai - an inspiration to the world

I am saddened this morning to find out that Malala Yousafzai has not won the Nobel Prize for Peace.  She is so deserving of this prize and I really think the Nobel organization / committee has made a big mistake.  

Malala is unstoppable in her fight for girls to have an equal education in Pakistan, elsewhere in the region, and throughout the world.    Although the Taliban have tried to kill her and have actually vowed to complete the job of killing her, she stands straight and tall and poised and in a strong voice vows to continue her fight for education.  And she is only sixteen years old.

Malala is an inspiration to the world.  Are you listening world?  Here is a young girl who will not be intimidated by one of the worst terrorist gangs in this world.  What is wrong with the adults in the world?  May we have half the strength this young girl has.  

While our American government dithers over whether to open its government and pay its bills, this young woman has the strength and the fortitude to stare down the Taliban on her quest for an education.   She is my hero.

And, what is wrong with the Nobel Prize organization / committee not to have granted their illustrious prize to this girl?  She is peacefully working see that all girls have a full -rounded education in the land of the Taliban.  She has put her life on the line for her beliefs.  She has said that the Taliban can kill her, but it can never kill her cause.  

Like another young girl from a different era, Anne Frank, Malala's spirit will live on no matter what the Taliban says or does.  You can kill these young girls, but you cannot kill their spirit to live, to love, to grow, to learn and to do what is right in this world.

Young girls in this world, if you think you cannot make a difference, I urge you to look at the lives of Anne Frank and Malala Yousafzai and use them as an example that one girl can make a difference in this world.

Nobel Prize committee, how can you not give your peace prize to this girl?  How can you look at this photo of Malala, who has valiantly fought back from the jaws of death, and has gone on to continue her fight for equal education for girls in her country and region and not give your prize to her?

Here is a young girl who stands for something in this world.  Her determination and perserverance in the face of death is remarkable.  In an age when we commiserate over the superficial pursuits of youth, here is a strong, grounded girl who knows what she wants in life and what is good for her and all girls world-wide.

What a blow it would have been to the Taliban if Malala had won the Nobel Prize for Peace.  It would have been a blow to them without ever a shot being fired.  Talk about peace!  Malala oozes peace and yet you have ignored her.

It is a shame the Nobel Prize for Peace has become so politicized.  While I am not against the organization that did win - their stopping of chemical weapons is important work in Syria and elsewhere in the world - it is this girl's fight for education that is more important to obtaining world peace.  For without education and without the world's support for education, and working together to find and learn peaceful methods to correct the conflicts in this world, there really will be no world peace.  

Until we are brave enough and intelligent enough to learn to end conflicts peacefully, we are far from a peaceful world.  Until we listen to the voices of the children and young girls like Malala, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes when conflicts arise.

What a brave new world would have dawned this morning had the Nobel Prize committee been brave enough to give their highest prize to Malala Yousafzai and her fight for girls' rights to an education all over the world.

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