Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Nigerian Girls - too little to late?

"God is watching us . . . from a distance." - Bette Midler

Finally, the world has taken notice of the stolen girls from Nigeria.  But, is the world's response, too little tool late? 

 President Obama has sent hostage negotiators and American intelligence to Nigeria in the hope of helping to find the girls.  Michelle Obama has finally come out and is publicly speaking and calling for support in finding the Nigerian girls.   The UK has also sent help in the form of government officials to Nigeria.

But, what has taken so long for this help to arrive in Nigeria?  When 300+ girls are stolen from a school and then sold into sexual slavery, why is the world dragging its feet to help find them?

If "love is the answer," then how has it taken three weeks for the world to actually send help?   We post platitude after platitude on Facebook each day, and if "love is the answer," our love sure has taken awhile to kick in to this world situation.

Do we pick and choose which terrorist groups we fight against?  Al Quaeda and Jihadist groups are the terrorists the U.S. chooses to fight, but not Boko Haram?  

Terrorism is terrorism no matter who the terrorist group is.  They are all evil and perpetuate that evil on the world.  We must snuff out these terrorist groups where ever they appear and snuff out what ever specific type of evil they display.  So this month it is Boko Haram that terrorizes 300+ Nigerian girls and their families.  We, the U.S., must fight them too.

Is Africa a continent we choose to let terrorism linger and take hold?  Is this continent not important to our national interests and safety, so we ignore Boko Haram and let them run wild in Nigeria and anywhere else in Africa they choose to roam?

How could 300+ girls of any nation, continent or color NOT be important enough for the world to take notice and rescue from such an abominable fate?

Some have criticized me for criticizing the world on this topic.  But, waiting three weeks to offer help to Nigeria and waiting three weeks to start finding the girls - is it too little to late?  This is a situation that bears criticizing.

Another sad fact, is that many people, world over, were not even aware these Nigerian girls had been kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.  We need the world population to be informed - watch the news daily.  

We already know from American intelligence that the girls are no longer together but spit up into smaller groups.  By now, they could be sold into sexual slavery anywhere to anyone in the world.  We presume, most of them have been dispersed to other areas in Africa.

 What is the solution to this problem?  Love IS the answer, but we must love all of God's children throughout the world.  No child in the world is less deserving of help and rescue than another one. We cannot pick and choose which terrorist groups we fight - we must fight them all!  We cannot pick and choose which children we rescue from disastrous fates - we must rescue them all!

Ah, but where does the money come from to fight terrorism and rescue these girls?  It should be coming from every nation in the world.  Every nation should be contributing to the pot.  It will probably come from the U.S. and the UK.  That is business as usual in this world.

The children are our future.  If we allow terrorist groups to steal them away, they have no future and then, we, the world has no future.

Why should any child in this world feel safe, secure, and have trust in us adults when they see how we responded to the Nigerian girls?  

"God is watching us . . . "  We aren't doing so well in rescuing the Nigerian girls and God is watching this and so are the Nigerian girls.

Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker  all rights reserved.