Thursday, May 29, 2014

Veteran Affairs / Edward Snowden / War / Obama's West Point Speech


So much to write and comment about! 

 First and foremost our country's veterans of war are the most important.  They are the most important to take care of when they return from battle.  And what has happened at the Department of Veteran Affairs?  A systemic failure across all  U.S. veteran hospitals  to medically care for our war veterans has been announced. 

This is unconscionable!  How can we ask our young men and women to fight and serve our country and then fail them when they come back both physically and mentally harmed by their sacrifice?  Where is our sacrifice to help these men and women?

Our country has hit a new low, in my opinion, when it comes Veteran Affairs.  And, yes, why does General Shinseki, head of Veteran Affairs not have a better handle on his bureaucratic department?   Why has the daily running of our country become such a dismal failure and disaster?

If we need more doctors and employees at our veteran hospitals to run them smoothly, then let's hire them.  Why not create more jobs?  If we need to get our financial house in order to do this then let's do it.

Congress has become so ineffective at a time when we need them the most to help run our country along with the other branches of government.  

It is not important to me who heads the office of Veteran Affairs, but let's get someone who can cut through all the red tape and start taking care of our veterans.  I am embarrassed to look a war veteran in the eye knowing this disaster has happened.  Thank God my father, a WWII war veteran,  has passed on and is not seeing this.  

Edward Snowden and U.S. Constitution

I watched NBC's Brian Williams interview Edward Snowden last night.  For heaven's sake, Give Edward Snowden Amnesty!

I found the interview very interesting and Edward Snowden to be quite credible.  It is time for the U.S. government to cut its losses and just let him come home with amnesty.  He is not a traitor nor a criminal.  

I, for one, am glad he leaked the NSA information to the media, because I am glad to know the surveillance my government has been doing on its own citizens.  Who is the real criminal here?

The U.S. government, through the NSA, has breached our U.S. Consititution under Article IV and a few others in the name of rooting out terrorism.  This is illegal.  So one illegal act should cancel out the other.

Dragging Edward Snowden through the court system and then imprisoning him serves no purpose. Whistleblowers will still whistleblow.  I believe Snowden has done a great service to the American people and I am glad to know my government spies on me.  At least it is out in the open. 

No, I'm not doing anything wrong or breaking the law, so the government can snoop away and won't find anything on me.  But, the fact, that the government has the capability to do this is wrong.  I deserve my privacy and so does every other citizen in the U.S.  It seems our own government is watching us behind closed doors.  How sad that our country, formed on democratic ideals, now has a U.S. constitutional breaking government bent on spying on us all.

U.S. Army troops training members of Ghanian Defense Forces in Africa

As we are closing down the war in Afghanistan, we are sending more of our troops to Africa.  In fact, all across Africa, east to west, our American troops are being sent to watch situations, to help the African nations with their own armies, and to aid our African neighbors in their fights against terrorism

I hope to God we have American troops in Nigeria looking for the 300+ missing Nigerian girls kidnapped and sold into slavery.  Those kinds of missions the U.S. military should be involved in and in giving help.  

President Obama has just sent eighty more troops to Africa.

But, will there ever be truly peace in this world?  Will there ever come a time when our military presence is not needed overseas?  It seems peace is as elusive as ever.  

And, it is so easy to become involved in full time war no matter where our military presence is. Can we successfully keep out of other nation's wars?  While we are the world's leader, can we NOT get involved?  

It seems not to be involved in war while at the same time being the world's leader is an oxymoron.


Once again President Barak Obama has spoken!

Yesterday, he gave yet another commencement speech to the graduates of West Point Military Academy.  These young men and women will serve in our Army as officers.

In the West Point speech, President Obama laid out his foreign policy vision for the rest of his presidential term and he also seemed on the defensive against critics who say his policies are week and ineffectual.

His main point seemed to be that  not every world crisis or foreign affairs event merits American military intervention.  I could agree with that if we were just not coming off of the Ukranian issue.

President Obama makes strong statements of American military support and draws red lines only to follow up with weak actions or not actions at all.  Look at Syria.  He drew the red line in the sand and then dithered when it came to going into Syria and really doing some damage to Assad and his army.  We ended up doing nothing and Assad is stronger than ever.

When Putin and his Russian forces marched into Ukraine and yanked back the Crimea to be part of Russia and then put his troops on the border of Ukraine, I thought we should have followed that up with massing NATO forces on the other side of the Ukraine borders to face the Russian Army.  But, no, President Obama would not do that.  Economic sanctions were in store for Putin and his cabal.  Have economic sanctions really done any damage to them?

In doing this, President Obama has set America up for a loss of U.S. credibility in the world.  I am not for getting into another war, especially with Russia, but a show of force in Ukraine would have shown Putin and the Russians we are a force to be reckoned with.  So many brave Ukranians have died over Russians invading Ukraine.

I know that President Obama wants to be known as the president that got us out of war not into one, but the times and crises are what they are and instead of looking weak and ineffectual, we need to look strong and as a world leader.

On the one had, Obama says we are 'exceptional leaders,' but on the other hand his actions have made us look weak to the rest of the world.

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