Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is the Malaysian government involved in why this plane went missing?

Day 13 of the missing Malaysian flight 370 we find out there has been a spotting of possible wreckage of the plane deep south in the Indian Ocean some 1400 miles off the coast of Australia.  The images above are satellite photos of objects in the ocean that could be part of the plane.

Incredibly, we find out that these satellite photos were taken on Sunday and it is now Thursday, and we, the media, and most sadly the families are just finding out about these photos.  The Malaysian government has had these photos since Sunday and they are just releasing them four days later?  

I don't blame the families of the missing passengers and crew members for being up in arms about this.  And it begs the question:  Does the Malaysian government really want this plane to be found?   Has this plane gone missing because that is what the Malaysian government wants?

Where are the families of the two pilots in all of this?  Why have they been sequestered and out of sight this whole time?

What we have been chalking up to disorganization in a third world government's communications, could it really be that the Malaysian government really is 'crazy as a fox' and has pulled off the plane disaster and mystery of the century?

The Malaysian government all along has been holding back information and trotting it out on their own timeline.  In the meantime, after four days, these satellite photos of objects could be gone once Australian planes manage to get to it.  And, Australia would get to it first. Ocean currents would have carried these pieces away by now, four days later.

Why has the Malaysian government been so slow in releasing information it has about the flight, getting times of communication with the pilots mixed up, and 'pings' mixed up and at wrong locations?  It is almost as if they don't really want this plane found.

Could these pilots have been doing the bidding of their own government?    Where was this plane headed?  To Antarctica?  Why would wreckage of this plane be so far south in the Indian Ocean?  Was the plane meant to crash this far south in the Indian Ocean ?

President Obama has stated that finding this plane is "a top priority."  If so, do we have drones out looking for this plane?  We have drones flying all over the U.S. and the world taking reconnaissance photos.  Do we have any drones checking out the islands of the Indian Ocean for sights of this plane, and over the Indian Ocean.  If not, why not?  

Do we have drones out looking at the runways and airports of any places in the northern arc or route the plane may have taken.  We have drones over Afghanistan, Syria, and other places in the Middle East.  Do we have any out looking for missing Malaysian flight 370?  If the U.S. is exceptional and the leader of the world, then shouldn't we be leading in finding this missing plane also?

It would be a turn of events if we saw drones doing something positive for this world instead of just spying on the world, which is so negative.

Missing human beings are more important than Malaysian national security and their government's woeful explanation for the lag time in releasing information.  These objects in the southern Indian Ocean should have been checked out on Sunday, not for the first time today, Thursday.

It is time for the entire world to pressure the Malaysian government officials to stop withholding important information and photos from the families of the passengers and the rest of the world and get serious about finding this airplane and its passengers and crew.

Copyright (c)  2014   Suzannah Wolf Walker