Saturday, March 8, 2014

Flunking Sandbox 101

Obama and Putin (2013) at the G8 summit in N. Ireland

Everything I need to know about Life I learned in Kindergarten.  Remember that book that came out years ago?  That book that proclaimed that all we had to do was to look back to kindergarten and the lessons we learned in the sandbox to lead us in how to live our lives? 

To share and get along with one another were the lessons we learned as we played in the sandbox.  No one person was allowed to dominate the sandbox as we shoveled our sand into pails and dug tunnels and made houses out of sand.  We had to respect our playmates areas of the sandbox.

We now know  that Vladimir Putin flunked Sandbox 101, aka Kindergarten.  His recent antics on the world stage in Crimea has shown us he's the bully in the sandbox throwing sand in everyone's eyes.  

Yes, once a bully, always a bully.  Once the meanie in the sandbox, always the meanie.

And, as we clean that stinging sand out of our eyes, why are we surprised or outraged at Putin's attempt to incorporate the Crimea into the Russian Federation?  It has always been world domination that Putin is after.  It was always Russia's domination and stance on the world stage as the mightiest nation for which Putin has been striving.

He preened on the world stage of the Sochi Olympics as Ukraine spiraled out of the control of a Russian puppet dictator and demanded freedom and democracy.  

And, so, Putin had to show his world dominance by having Russian troops invade the Crimea, an autonomous but sovereign part of the Ukraine, and setting up a "referendum" as a ploy to take over the Crimea and break up part of the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

Inch by inch, Putin wants to regain the eastern European nations once part of the Soviet Union and bring them back under Russia's control.  He has fooled no one with his blatant ploy.  I believe he wants to break up the Ukraine rather than allow the nation the freedom and democracy it wants and deserves.

I agree with Hillary;  this is exactly how Hitler started out with his plan of world dominance in the 1930's.  At first, Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland to "protect" the Germans living in these countries, just as Putin wants to "protect" those of Russian descent in the Crimea.

Do we really believe Putin will stop with dominance of the Crimea?  This is pitting Ukrainian citizens against one another over ethnic backgrounds.  Russians against Ukrainians.  Putin means to destroy the Ukraine rather than allow a free and democratic Ukraine to prosper next to the Russian Federation.  Nationalism dominating over globalism

No, none of us wants war, but the U.S. and the European nations should be stopping Putin, not offering words of outrage and leveling sanctions that Putin could care less about and will find a way around them anyway.  Why are the U.S. and Europe so anxious to appease Putin in regards to the Crimea?    We appeased Hitler early on, and look what happened.

Why has Europe allowed itself to be monopolized by Russian oil and gas?  Why haven't they diversified and gotten oil and gas from other nations as well as Russia?  Why has Europe put themselves in the position to have to cow tow to Putin now? 

Can we never think beyond our noses on this world stage?  And why has Europe not handed some money to the Ukraine to help it through a tough time, while Putin was eager to hand the Ukraine $15 billion dollars to be able to set up a Russian puppet as president of Ukraine.  

 As the Ukraine is being broken up, finally,  the U.S. and Europe come through with money to support Ukraine.  But, is it too little, too late?  

Will the world just stand by and watch as Putin makes the Crimea part of the Russian Federation?

Are we going to allow Putin to dominate our world sandbox instead of playing nicely and respecting other countries areas of the sandbox?

Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker