Sunday, March 16, 2014

Russia, Ukraine, and Crimea


First, I must say here that I am not an expert on geopolitics and what you read here are my own personal opinions based on my understanding of fairness, countries international borders, freedom of a country to determine its own government, democracy and the sovereignty of all countries in the world.

The world and I were shocked and dismayed when Vladimir Putin sent Russian troops into Crimea, an autonomous region of the sovereign country of Ukraine, on the ruse that he had to "protect" ethnic Russians from the turmoil in Ukraine in their efforts to determine the type of government they want in their country.


Today is the referendum in Crimea, for Crimeans to vote if they want Crimea to remain in the Ukraine or return to Russia.  With ethnic Russians the majority living in Crimea, the vote is a 'fait accompli' - they will vote to return to Russia.

And, this referendum is not even legal.  First of all, it is forced by Russia's military intervention in Crimea, not by the legitimate government of Ukraine.  Then, only Crimeans are permitted to vote in the referendum.  All Ukrainians should be voting to see if Crimea goes to Russia or remains in Ukraine.  But, Putin would probably lose a vote from the entire country of Ukraine, so he won't allow it.

This is a sad day for Ukraine and the rest of the world.  It will set a new precedent of Russian backed military intervention by force in a sovereign country to take back land that was once theirs.

I am sure the prior Soviet satellite countries: Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary etc. are worried to see if Putin will send the Russian military into their countries and claim them back into Russian control.

Who is Putin to rearrange the sovereign borders of other countries in this world?  If this dangerous precedent is set, all of Europe, for that matter, will fear the Russian military forcefully entering their country to "protect" Russians living in their countries.


Pictured here are Special Ops Commandos from Russia taking over Crimea.  And, what about the Ukranians living in Crimea?  Will they have to become Russians against their will?  What Putin has done is outrageous.

Will other areas in the world, Quebec, the Basque region of Spain, Scotland, and Colorado and Texas in the U.S. be emboldened to separate and become independent of their country's borders and status?  This is unthinkable.

International borders should be sovereign and unbreakable, unless the people of those countries chose differently.  Unkrainians have spoken.  They wish to have a more democratic government and not one that is a 'puppet' state of Russia and Vladimir Putin.  It is up to the people of Ukraine to decide what type of government they want in their country.  It is not for Russia to determine their government.

And, why the rest of the world has stood by and watched and allowed this to happen is also unthinkable.  I realize they have placed harsh sanctions against Putin for doing this.  But, this has not stopped Putin or even made him blink.  Which country will Putin roll into next?

Putin is all about world domination and returning Russia to its 'glory' as the dominate country in the world.  He wants to return to the days of the Soviet Union.  How sick is that?

Putin's justification for taking back Crimea is a false one.   Will this precedent allow any country in the world to roll into another country to "protect" the people of their ethnic background?   Will Putin forcefully enter the U.S. to "protect" the Russian immigrants who live here?  Probably not, because he would be met with real U.S. military force.  But, the weaker countries of the world have much to fear with Putin setting this dangerous precedent.

And, what about the countries of Asia.  Will they be emboldened by Putin's precedent to begin rearranging the borders of their countries?  And, where is the U.N.?  With Russia having a veto vote, the U.N. is useless in this situation.

Who will stop Putin from land grabbing and rearranging the borders of Europe?

Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker