Friday, March 14, 2014

Where in the world is Malaysian flight 370?


Where in the world is Malaysian flight 370?   It is like playing "Where's Waldo?"  The entire world is captivated by the story of what has happened to this plane, none less than the relatives and loved ones of the passengers on the flight.   "Where's Waldo and where is this flight?"

Finding the missing airplane and its crew and passengers has become the biggest mystery since the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her plane in the 1930's.  

There has been so much conflicting and contradicting information coming from Malaysia.  They are not the most organized government to be handling a mystery flight disappearance such as this. Their disorganized dissemination of information has caused a great more pain for the family members clutching to hope of ever seeing their loved ones alive again.

Sadly, it has been approximately seven days so far since its disappearance.  If the flight with its passengers and crew are at the bottom of the ocean, then they are all deceased by now.  It is a shame the Malaysian government did not let more knowledgeable and more experienced governments to come in and help them right from the beginning.  It is only now, that the U.S. plus some other nations that are helping the Malaysians with their hunt.

The news organizations are playing "what if?" with the experts in aviation to determine what could have happened or be happening to the flight.  Answer:  It simply disappeared.

There are conspiracy theories right and left as to what has happened to this flight.  A mad terrorist?  A hijacking?  A deranged pilot and/or co-pilot?  A suicide mission?  My thoughts on conspiracy theories is this:  remember back to 9/11, when terrorists overtook the flights from Boston and New York.  The passengers flew into action and tried to stop them and the airplane from making its desired destination to Washington, D.C.

Passengers, aware of what was happening, used cell phones to call loved ones to say good-bye, and to tell the world what was happening to them.  If there was such a sort of thing happening on Malaysia 370, I believe the same thing would have happened.  I believe some passengers would have gotten messages out via their cell phones - by calling loved ones, by texting, or by e-mailing.  

We live in a world of instant communication.  I can't believe if there were terrorists or hijackers taking over the plane that someone would not have gotten a message out to someone.

And, then, did terrorists or hijackers collect all cell phones from passengers and crew before veering the plane off its course to keep messages from being sent out?  Did they learn from the terrorists of 9/11?

Even if the plane was taken over by terrorists or hijackers and has survived the flight, where did it land and where are they?  Could they keep 239 people shackled and quiet with not one person escaping or getting a message out?  Are they on one of the many islands in the oceans and seas around Maylaysia?  Eventually, they will be found, then.  Could they have landed in Pakistan, a country that is suppose to be our ally?

I still believe, the plane suddenly was catastrophically downed and is somewhere in one of the oceans around Malaysia.  I believe it exploded, either from undetected mechanical problems, or was blown up by terrorists or hijackers.  If this happened, the passengers and crew would not have been able to get messages out via cell phones, instead using last minutes trying to save themselves from disaster.

I believe the plane will be found deep within the ocean waters along with passengers and crew. It may take months or years for the plane to be discovered and pulled up out of the ocean.  And it may take months or years for the 'black boxes' to be discovered. 

In the meantime, the world continues to play "Where's Waldo/Flight 370?  I feel for the families of the missing passengers and crew who are left in limbo as to what has happened to their loved ones. The not knowing must be killing them.   I hope that the aviation and deep sea experts are able to find something to explain what has happened to this flight.

Otherwise, we have a Bermuda Triangle situation in the seas and oceans around Malaysia.

Devastated family members and relatives of passengers on vanished Malaysian Flight 300.

Copyright (c)  2014  Suzannah Wolf Walker