Monday, November 30, 2015

Donald Trump channeling Adolph Hitler


I give Donald Trump NO thumbs up!  

When "the Donald" started his presidential campaign some months ago, I thought of him as a clown on the stump.  When can we get this clown off his podium? I thought.

Sadly,  Republicans have catapulted Trump to the top of the heap.  He is the front runner in every state in which he speaks and throughout the U.S.  Who'd a thunk?

I never dreamed Americans would actually take him seriously, but apparently a lot have. His rocket rise to the top and his staying there has really concerned me.  As time goes on, his campaign gets scarier and scarier and not at all funny.  He is becoming scary because he is playing on the fears Americans have in these dangerous times.

I have begun to see eerie similarities between demagogue Trump and another evil demagogue - Adolph Hitler.

Trump wants to "Make America Great Again,"- the greatest country in the world.


This is the same message Hitler charismatically touted to the German citizens in the 1930's.
Make Germany Great Again - the greatest country in the world.  And we fought WWII to stop him from world dominance.

Hitler started with blaming the Jewish population for all the ills that Germany was experiencing at the time.  They were taking away jobs from good Germans.  Trump is saying the same thing.  He says Mexicans, in particular, are doing the same thing in the U.S. - taking away jobs from Americans.  He, of course, lumps all Mexicans together and says that they are murderers and rapists that we are letting into our country.  Again, an eerie similarity to Hitler's comments about the Jewish people.

Trump rejects any kind of amnesty for undocumented workers already living here or any kind of pathway to citizenship. Even President Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to approximately one million undocumented workers in 1986, and Reagan is heralded as practically a 'god' to the Republicans.

Trump says he wants to round up eleven million of them and send them back to their countries of origin. He promises to build a 20 ft wall along our southern border with Mexico to keep them out. East Berlin built a wall to keep its citizens in, but even that came down in 1989.  I suppose undocumented workers will be sent to detention camps until they can be processed and removed. Same thing Hitler did with his "undesirables."

Trump is pandering to Americans fear rather than seeing the greatness of America that is already here - our diversity -  because we all have ancestors from somewhere else.  We are not all Native Americans, so our lineage had to come from somewhere and that somewhere is outside the U.S.

Trump has ratcheted up anti-Muslim hate and fear mongering just as Hitler did against the Jewish population in Gernany.  Trump says he would "certainly implement" a federal database to register an estimated three million Muslims living in America today.  This is exactly what Hitler did with the Jewish population - each and every Jew had to register with the Gestapo/or the central government in their German towns and cities.

Trump says he would not rule out having Muslim-Americans carry a special form of ID noting their faith.  Hitler had the Jews wear the yellow star of David. Not much of a difference. 

Recently a Black Lives Matter protester was beaten at the scene of one of his speeches and Trump casually and cavalierly remarked, "he deserved to be roughed up."  The same tactic and response Hitler used during his rise to power.

If Trump becomes president, how far away are we from rounding up "undesirables":  the undocumented, Muslims, refugees,  the homeless, just to name a few?  How far away are we from detention camps, internment camps, and concentration camps here on U.S. soil? How far away are we from people hiding in attics and cellars a la Anne Frank?

The hatred that Trump spews is no different from Hitler's.  Get rid of these "undesirables", like Hitler did with the Jewish, and America Will Be Great Again.  How far away are we from forcing our "undesirables" into concentration camps and finding a "Final Solution" to them?

Trump's presidential run says less about Trump and, sadly, more about Americans and the state of our nation.

Copyright  2015  Suzannah Wolf Walker  all rights reserved