Monday, November 23, 2015

ISIS Terrorism - the Insanity Continues


For the life of me, I do not understand why the world keeps this ridiculous cycle going.  It is just like a hamster on its wheel.  Running madly but getting nowhere.

Since 9/11 when the World Trade Center Twin Towers were destroyed by Al Queda the world has been spinning its wheels in fighting first, Al Queda and now ISIS, and today the world is stuck in the mud.

While the world has thwarted some terror attacks before they happened, the terrorists still are able to get by our security and intelligence screens and land some pretty devastating attacks on the world.  Case in point:  the Paris attacks this last week, the Russian jet liner explosion, the Beruit suicide bombings, the Mali hostage attacks.  American lives have been lost in these attacks as well.

Each one has brought death and destruction to so many people and their families.  Precious lives lost and families torn apart forever by the deaths.  Good people dying while the evil continues to live.

I am not an expert in the geo-political situation in this world, so you may take my comments with a grain of salt, but I am coming from a place called common sense.  A place many Americans are coming from these days.

I won't even go into the Iraq War, fought because of weapons of mass destruction which never existed there, because I have written enough about that at the time.

What I don't understand is our continued response to ISIS which is to send arms, money, and advisers to the natives in Iraq and Syria to have them raise armies to fight ISIS. They are not capable of fighting against ISIS and they know it. In fact, the Iraqi army put down their arms and fled from ISIS knowing they could not fight them.  They know they will be slaughtered it they do and if captured they will be beheaded.  Only the strongest armies of the world - the U.S., European countries, and NATO have the means of defeating ISIS.

So when we have one of these terror attacks we send our big, bad fighter jets to bomb ISIS, for example, in Raqqua, and then we stop after the bombs are dropped.  Of course, ISIS knows we will do this, because we have done this time and time again, so especially the ISIS leaders make themselves scarce from where the bombs fall.

Because of all this, the Syrians and many Iraqis are fleeing the middle east by the hundreds of thousands and Europe is struggling with finding them all homes.  The U.S. is only taking ten thousand of them over the next two years and now some Americans and politicians are fearful and going berserk over having them come here because several of the Paris terrorists came into Europe hidden with Syrian refugees.

We keep repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.

During WWII, Hitler and his German army was stopped not only with bombing but also with boots on the ground in Europe.  We stopped Hirohito and the Japanese army by having boots on the ground in the South Pacific and completely ended the war with the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

ISIS and Hitler are the two most evil regimes we have been up against in modern times.  I realize WWII was a different era, but we put boots on the ground and fought after Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese.

Why aren't we putting boots on the ground in the middle east, Syria and Iraq, and once and for all stopping ISIS?   We cry and mourn and wail about terrorist attacks, but we are not cutting off the snake's head.  Until we do that, there will be more terror attacks and deaths to deal with. 

I hate to see our soldiers over there fighting too.  But I hate seeing innocent people killed by terrorists even more.  This is why nations have armies; to protect us in time of war.  And, we are at war with ISIS as Francois Holland has announced.

I for one, want ISIS stopped because right now they are the most evil element in the world. Then we need to go after Al Queda and the Taliban in the same manner. And Africa obviously needs help riding its continent of Boko Haram.   The world needs to rid itself of these terrorist groups.  Until we do this, there is no real safety and security anywhere in this world.

We must be more vigilant and we need to have some kind of response, as well, on social media to counter attack ISIS' insidious use of it to recruit fighters, soldiers, and suicide bombers.

When is the world going wake-up and fight ISIS instead of putting states of emergencies  in place that restrict  a people's democratic rights.  This is what ISIS wants.  We are playing right into their hands.

Copyright  2015  Suzannah Wolf Walker   all rights reserved