Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Hilarious Late Show with Stephen Colbert

          Today, my favorite all-time TV show is the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Not my favorite late night show, but my favorite show on all of TV.  

         Colbert has succeeded David Letterman with a flair that is funny, acerbic, zany, and as a comedic genius all at the same time.  He is a refreshing replacement for Letterman, who could be too serious and sometimes too intellectual.  Colbert has an intellect that can be comedic or serious depending on the topic or interview and he has a razor sharp wit.

         I have not laughed out loud so much as I have with his late night show.  He is so energetic and his show so high energy that I am fully wide awake and fully engaged watching his show.  He does not disappoint.

        At the end of the day, I want to be able to laugh out loud and forget my cares, and for this hour I do.  He is funnier than Jerry Steinfeld, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Margaret Cho, Chelsea Handler, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel, and, I never though I would say this, but Johnny Carson as well.  Colbert is a crack-up!  He is even giving SNL some real competition.

        Just in the short time he has been on the Late Show (only since September) he has grown as a comic and an interviewer.  On his first show, his interview with George Clooney was mediocre and a bit silly, although he did ask Clooney about Darfur.  

        But, he has become much better.  His interview with Jeb Bush was brilliant and he did not let Bush get away with evading any questions or giving ho-hum answers.

       I loved his Halloween show with Colbert as a vampire.  He was hilarious and the jokes just kept on coming.  His scenes with trick or treaters were a rare treat.  When Charlie Rose came out, transformed into Frankenstein, I was surprised that a somewhat serious interview could take place.  

       Colbert has a rubber face that can convey any thought or emotion and he uses that contorted face in every situation from monologue, to comedic sketch, to interview.  But at all times he is an adult having fun and we have fun right along with him.  

       He has transformed the Ed Sullivan theater into his own.  I love the dome and think that is a brilliant idea.  I love the jazz band, Jon Baptiste and Stay Human, from New Orleans, Lousianna.  Baptiste and Colbert have a real rapport with one another and it shows.

       With all the controversy over whether Colbert could just be himself and not the persona he was on the Colbert Report, I think he has succeeded brilliantly.  I see a real person on the show and not just some character.  Do I think he is wearing a mask?  No.  Do I think I am seeing the 'real' Colbert?  Yes.

      As Colbert moves on with his shows I believe he will become better and better at what he does best:  comedy and interviews.  And, I will continue to laugh out loud for years to come.

      Oh, and by way, he dances way better than Ellen.