Monday, November 4, 2013

Little Angel - a prayer for all time

Guardian angel

Little Angel

Little Angel,
watch over me
and guide me.
Guide me to take
the path I am
meant to take.

Lead me in joy,
happiness, and peace,
that I might illuminate
and lead the way for those
less fortunate.

Help me to see those
in need so I can see how
to care for them.

Stand by my side
so I may stand by the side
of others who falter, and hold
them up under their tiresome burdens.

Lift up my heart
so I may lift up the heart
of those crushed by loneliness.

Hold my hand so I may hold the hand
of those disenfranchised.

Kiss my forehead so I may
kiss the forehead of those
afflicted by illness.

Help me, little angel,
to see the wonder of life
so I can bring wonderment
to all I meet.


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