Monday, November 4, 2013

Rain on Father's Day - a poem

Rain on Father's Day

Rain on Father's Day

What does it mean?

It means that you are gone, Dad
A gentle remembrance of the time
You were here

How wonderful those days were

Your understanding wisdom heard

Your gentle touch upon my shoulder

Your warm smile danced
Upon my upturned face
And brought happiness within

Your heartfelt father's love
Embraced not just me

But all of us

We were warm, secure, comforted
By a father who stood

Above all the others

Because you were always there

Stalwart in your duties

Never missing in action

You were the heart and soul

Of our family

Holding us together

You are gone today and

A tear slips down my face

As I look at your cold tombstone

Just as the raindrops

Slip off the Vermont granite box

That is all that is left of you

Of your outward presence today

Your name in raised letters

All that is left of a life well-lived

What a shame -- a granite box

When it should have been

A monument to your fine deeds

A Patton obelisk

As straight and tall
As the life you lead

We have not done you justice, Dad
For the type of man you were
A quiet, gentle man of few words

Huge, strong, caring
Romantic and true
You always stood by us

That is why today there is
Rain on Father's Day

Copyright (2013) Suzannah Wolf Walker all rights reserved